The poet really lives up to his reputation. The poem is excellent, and two lines in particular are interesting

No matter in any age, poetry will always assume its own responsibility to see the world with a unique vision, or beautiful, or profound, or sharp and so on to explain to people.Liu Yuxi is a unique poet, he was talented since childhood, through the precipitation of life and their own efforts, later became a big player in the world of poetry, thus known as “poetry hao”.Liu Yuxi is a “unique” poet, from his positive and unyielding spirit, but also from his profound and solid poetry.In the tang dynasty social unrest, in his own life extremely bumpy circumstances, Liu Yuxi picked up his strength pen, wrote a wake up to the people, profound poetry.What I want to share with you in this poem alley is a very imposing poem by Liu Yuxi. The style of this poem is magnificent and the language is vigorous. Two lines of this poem are familiar to everyone.Xisai Mountain yearning for the ancient Tang · Liu Yu-Xi Wang Jun Building ship under Yizhou, Jinling Wang gas dejected.Chihiro iron lock sink river bottom, a drop flags out of stone.The world several times hurt the past, mountain is still pillow cold current.Today meet everywhere home day, so base rustling reed autumn.Xisai Mountain terrain steep, in ancient China was a military fortress.Perhaps seeing the words “Xisai Mountain”, everyone can think of Zhang Zhihe’s “Fishing Song Zi” : in front of Xisai Mountain, egrets fly, peach blossoms flow, mandarin fish are fat.Green indocalamus li, green suoyi, wind and rain do not have to return.If nothing else, we can read the beauty of the scenery of Mount Xisse from the language alone.When Liu Yuxi wrote this poem, it was autumn. The writer was inspired by the autumn scenery of Xisai Mountain on his way to work.The opening two sentences directly cut to the theme, reflecting the meaning of “nostalgia for the past” : Wang Jun went to Yizhou under the building ship, and The King of Jinling recovered his qi dejected;The general works of reminiscence are written from the historical level and perspective, so here, the author also associates the history related to the present Mount Xisse with it, and uses it as a topic to cause the whole article.Wang Jun was a general of the Western Jin Army during the Reign of Taikang.He was brave and skillful in battle, with superior strength and well-prepared troops. Therefore, when the western Jin army approached The Eastern Wu, he eclipsed the “king qi” of the eastern Wu.This is also the main meaning and content to be expressed in the first two sentences.In the former sentence, Wang Jun just set foot in “Yizhou”, and “Jin Ling Wang Jun” in the latter sentence was “depressed”. There is no redundant description. Just this connection between the former and the latter is enough to illustrate the imposing manner of Wang Jun’s army and reflect the emptiness of The national strength of Soochow.The contrast between the two is striking, allowing the reader to see a war that seems to have ended before it even began.The nod is a summary of the scene after the end of the war between the two countries: Chihiro iron locks sinking to the bottom of the river, a piece of falling flags out of the stone;Iron lock sink river, flag hanging stone, this is the scene of the war after the defeat of Dongwu.At that time, The Soochow army thought that it could block the attack of the western Jin army by locking the river with iron chains. However, it was vulnerable to a single blow. Wang Jun led the army to break through the obstruction and captured Soochow soon.The author shows the great disparity between the two armies in the way of concise description. Behind each word, the author also reveals his appreciation of Wang Jun’s boldness and his criticism and sympathy for Soochow.It is said that whipping is because of the corruption of Dongwu, and sympathy is because of the author’s feelings about the changes of human affairs.This poem is very consistent with the general writing techniques of the seven laws, because its neck has done the “jump” : the world several times hurt the past, the mountain is still pillow cold;From the wars between the Western Jin dynasty and the Eastern Wu Dynasty, to the reflection of macro history, the author’s feelings are gradually strengthened.It is sad to look back on the fall of the dynasties, and all those people are gone, become a thing of the past.But on the contrary, the Mountain is still as usual, pillow in front of the incessant river, so calm, cold.The first two lines of the poem are cut to the title of “nostalgia for the past”, and in this line is cut to the title of “Mount Xisse”, so from the point of view of the topic, it is “complete”.So why does the author only choose Mount Cecisse in the neck?The first reason is that the author wants to introduce the key object through layers of matting of the content. The second reason is that mount Xisse serves for emotional expression in the jump, and makes it vivid and rich from form to emotion.A “mountain is still pillow cold current” let us see the nature of the mountains and rivers do not change for human affairs, see people in front of the nature of the small and powerless, but also see the nature of the landscape out of the “dispute” outside the kind of calm mind.These two sentences in the neck not only have a pictorial sense, but also have the aesthetic feeling of literature and art, as well as the profound sense of philosophy, so it is particularly attractive to readers, so that we unknowingly engraved in the mind.The last two sentences are a further expression of the author’s feelings: today is the day of home everywhere, so the base rustling reed autumn;Everywhere home, can be regarded as a peaceful country, where can be regarded as the meaning of home.After reading, we can find that the implication of the couplet is also very deep. It seems that the author is praising the current situation of social unity, but also taking the deserted dynasty as a contrast.In fact, the author is using the historical reality of “the collapse of the former dynasty” to advise the regime at that time, hoping that the rulers should take a warning, govern the country with heart, and do not ruin the future of the Tang Dynasty by going down the decadent old road again.The so-called “universal family” in the author’s writing is only temporary and superficial, which is why he advised the rulers of the Tang Dynasty by referring to history as a mirror.The poem is full of desolate flavor, full of the author’s concern for home and country, it can be said that the feeling of deep meaning.Liu Yuxi’s poem style vigorous calm, epic taste, gas, I do not know you read the poem after what feeling, might as well say a few.

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