What are the domestic vacuum cleaners worth buying on the market now?

At present domestic brands of vacuum cleaners on the market is very good, than the folk ShaDaHeiCu most domestic manufacturers, today’s domestic vacuum cleaners have already broke through the layers of technical barriers, in appearance design, suction, life, weight, function of performance is very good, and itself has no high tariffs, domestic vacuum cleaner is also high cost performance!Like finger tube home, midea, chase, lake, dog, millet, Beijing Tokyo made, are very excellent domestic brands, in the wireless vacuum cleaner market has a very two-eye performance.The FINGER Housekeeper J81 Pro home wireless disinfection vacuum cleaner itself has 23000Pa vacuum, 70 minutes of battery life, 1.1kg main weight, and also has 4 + 1 brush head configuration, the whole body without consumables, Violeds elimination module and other excellent features.The performance is very good in the cost performance, thousands of yuan in the stall can rarely talk about cost-effective style with it, is currently the only one on the market can kill poison vacuum cleaner, can not only in the macro level to clean up the garbage, but also in the micro level to protect their health and family, kill two birds with one stone.Find V12 wireless vacuum cleaner as find the last generation of products, now find V12 has a very good cost performance, in about two thousand yuan in the market can rarely find V12 move with the existence of.150,000rpm brushless motor brings 26KPa super suction, 550W power of the whole machine also makes suction has a strong guarantee.With 1.65kg of weight, 90 minutes of battery life, 12 cyclone, and 5 filters, it’s a very good price for money, and at this price, It’s one of the best performers.Midea P6 Master suction and drag integrated design, in the cleaning time is more convenient, meet carpet and so on the foot can be removed from the water tank, avoid wet carpet.Suction 120AW, 80,000rpm brushless motor, 19000PA vacuum, enough suction in cleaning and sanitation.The battery life also has an hour, can easily complete the home health work.Dust cup can be disassembled one piece, very convenient cleaning time.

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