Our province small and medium-sized enterprise public service alliance training work has made new progress

Report from our correspondent (reporter Mi Jiao) in order to further promote the competitiveness of the small and medium-sized enterprises in our province, boost the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises in our province, in 2021, small and medium-sized enterprises in qinghai province public service alliance member unit around the small and medium-sized enterprise management form interpretation, analysis, macro policy and industry transformation and upgrading of enterprises difficult issues, the development of the financing channels, etc.,Through centralized teaching, case analysis, sand table reasoning, on-site teaching, interactive exchanges and other ways to build a learning exchange platform for small and medium-sized enterprises and service institutions, the annual total of 34 training sessions for small and medium-sized enterprises, a total of 3,506 people, nearly 2,400 enterprises have been trained.The training has strengthened the management ability of small and medium-sized enterprises in our province, such as risk resistance and product competition, and has strongly promoted the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises in our province.According to the training unit of Qinghai Sanjiang Yili Agricultural Group Co., LTD., Chen Gang said: “The service alliance organized a variety of forms of training, teaching teachers of high level, high level, for our small and medium-sized enterprises to interpret policies, analysis of the market, locate the positioning, harvest a lot.”Qinghai Daily (February 10, 2022, the 8th edition: Industry & Economy) statement: All the above contents are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily except the source indicated, and it is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission!

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