Shanghai men’s basketball will continue to buy, Li Chunjiang asked to buy liao basket guard, Zhao Rui is also in the list

The third stage of the CBA regular season is about to start, and the game will be divided into two divisions. The third stage is shorter, and after the third stage, the playoff competition will start directly.At present, the position of the top several teams in the league is relatively stable, Liaoning, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang and Guangdong, the top five have opened the gap with the team behind.The current playoff fringe, North Kong, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Sichuan and other teams will compete for the final playoff spot.In addition to Liaoning, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Guangdong are in the first stage of the competition.Besides liaoning and guangdong, the poor and Shanghai is undoubtedly play the best two teams this season, metal, three little team, Sun Minghui, Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Yanhao, three people every season in progress, in addition, foreign aid is also have signed reinforcements, the team’s play Jones stability, while new signing emeka okafor is also a level of NBA players,His inside skills are also expected to be a big hit in the CBA, but his injury problems need to be taken care of. He has had a big injury before, and guangzhou should also be careful about his physical problems.In addition to guangsha, the momentum of this season’s Shanghai men’s basketball team is also very fierce.After the introduction of Li Chunjiang, the team’s straight line improvement, which is also related to their introduction of the aid.Introduction of Wang Zhelin and Guo Haowen two people, quickly become the Shanghai team inside and outside the core.After the sweet taste of the introduction of aid, Shanghai men’s basketball offseason will continue to introduce strong aid.According to sports reporter Zhao Huanyu revealed that Shanghai’s off-season list of reinforcements is the main target of the defensive line, the interior line has wang Zhelin, Zong Zan, Dong Hanlin and others, outside will be their main target.And the introduction of the focus will still be on the body of the national, liaoning guard Gao Shiyan and Guangdong guard Zhao Rui are in the introduction of the list.Liaoning defender Gao Shiyan is currently on loan in Shandong and will return to Liaoning at the end of this season.But because of the existence of Zhao Jiwei and Guo Allen, so high shiyan must be a substitute.And Zhao Rui second stage because of private affairs to leave the Guangdong army, has not been heard from, rumors that he is dissatisfied with the guangdong team because of the salary problem.But Shanghai to introduce these two people are certainly very difficult, need to spend a large transfer fee.Shanghai’s playoff journey will certainly not be very smooth, Shanghai’s main force of playoff experience is also lacking.King hasn’t played in the playoffs in a long time.A few others, xiaobian vaguely remember ren Junwei has some playoff experience.Therefore, objective facts exist, do not be too importunate.It’s not easy to get to the finals this year.As long as Shanghai is on the right track, it will be really strong in a few more years.

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