Reporters run errands for the people to solve the problem reporters again visited the ditch 14 public housing roof garbage has been cleared

On January 26, our newspaper “reporter running errands” column on ditch 14 a row of public housing roof garbage heaps a report.On the morning of the same day, the reporter came here again to find that the garbage accumulated on the roof has been cleaned up, residents applauded.That morning, the reporter again came to the ditch 14, saw the public housing roof garbage has been cleaned up, billboards, plastic bags, plastic bottles and other missing.”Soon after your interview, someone came to clean it up.”Cui said that for a long time, this row of public housing roof garbage has not been cleared, the upstairs residents are very upset.Did not expect to the evening newspaper “reporter running errands” column after the report, the reporter quickly came to the scene to check, actively coordinate the relevant departments.Shortly after the interview, she saw someone with tools to clean up the roof of the rubbish.It didn’t take long for the trash to be cleaned up, thanks to the reporter’s Errand.Subsequently, the reporter came to rent public housing air conditioning repair shop to see, a worker is still cleaning up.According to the worker, he is responsible for the daily cleaning of the place, and some people on the upper floors throw daily garbage on the roof from time to time. Plastic bags and plastic water bottles are thrown down by residents on the upper floors.The living environment needs to be maintained by all of us. I hope the upstairs residents do not throw objects in the air, nor do they throw takeout lunch boxes randomly. The environment is important, and safety is more important.Su Xiaowen/Photo by Sang Jie Caiyang, lanzhou Daily

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