What’s New Year’s Eve like?

Today is New Year’s Eve, we should all keep at home ready to eat dinner!Xianning street More and more strong Taste of New Year, busy for a year of people began to carefully prepare and select goods, preserved fish, preserved meat, bag tuo, lotus root clip, fish round, fish cake, hanging pot……Full of the taste of happiness and sweetness.In the memory of Xianning people, wax goods are indispensable food for winter, and the mellow smell of preserved fish and preserved meat is the strongest taste of The New Year, carrying the joy of harvest of people’s hard work for a year, as well as people’s good expectations for the New Year.Meat, the world generally eat;Bacon, there are many places to eat;And south Hubei bacon, is the south Hubei region to enjoy the delicious.People in southern Hubei make the traditional custom of eating preserved meat, I do not know when to start, how many years of history, no research, but can be sure is very long.Its main characteristic is fragrant, its full-bodied mellow fragrance, is to rely on fireworks slow smoke slow roast out.In winter, after slaughtering the New Year pig, the fresh pork is divided into pieces, salted for a period of time, dried in the sun, and smoked and roasted.Every farm has a stove, fire, the sun dried salt meat hanging pieces above the stove or fire.Farmers cook rice in the stove or fire pot three meals a day to cook vegetables, rising fireworks smoked roast meat day by day, roast to a certain temperature, the meat slowly become close, the color of the meat slowly become golden, the meat will slowly float out of the fragrance, bacon slowly made.Compared with fresh meat, cured meat after years of air drying has less fat and moisture content, fat meat is not greasy, lean meat is more fragrant, ruddy and bright, and umami is locked in the meat. Even people who don’t like meat usually can’t help but want to taste it.Preserved pork is a main course for xianning people during the Spring Festival.Slices of bacon are cut into large or small pieces, or mixed with scallions or green peppers. They are fried in a pot and fragrant. Before they are put on the table, people’s appetite is greatly increased.Some families do more bacon, Chinese New Year’s bacon can not finish eating, will be kept until the next year, usually want to eat the stored bacon out, cut a few pieces, or clean bacon, or garlic into a bowl of vegetables, with a cup of homemade rice wine to eat, the feeling of the gods.People usually prepare bacon, preserved fish and sausages at home before the Chinese New Year. These production methods are almost the same. They are all good in our hearts and good things for friends and relatives to visit during the Spring Festival.Dachshund festival, the table is indispensable fish circle.There is a “land of fish and rice” xianning Jia fish, almost every family will do, everyone loves to eat.Every festive festival, such as the reception of friends and relatives of the scene, especially the Spring Festival, the table must have fish round stage, it symbolizes the family of men and women old and young round.In jiayu 簰 island area, the banquet on each person hair a handkerchief, the table of fish circle each three, the table does not eat, when the banquet by the number of each person with a handkerchief wrapped away, take home filial piety old people, so “eat banquet” known as “eat round”.In ancient times, it was very precious to eat fish balls.The fish is round and can’t be cooked without a good cook.Zheng Banqiao, one of the eight eccentric people in Yangzhou, once tasted jiangnan fish circle and wrote, “A fish circle is worth ten thousand dollars.”Jiayu people make yuanzi, mainly bean paste yuanzi, raw fried yuanzi, 簰 Zhou Yuanzi, tofu yuanzi, pearl yuanzi, lotus root yuanzi, soy sauce meat yuanzi, etc., which are as big as an egg, bigger than king Wen of Chu’s fish balls, fresh taste, complete ingredients and more samples.And the most local feature is “簰 Zhou Yuanzi”.Because jiayu is located beside the Yangtze River and has many lakes and abundant water, it is famous for its abundance of fresh fish.”簰 Zhou yuanzi” is a kind of delicious fish yuanzi, it originated from 簰 Zhou Bay of jianyu Yangtze River.Wanli Yangtze River flows to the east, but to jiayu 簰 Island bay but turn west flow, the formation of Xiliuwan, so the fish here is particularly fresh, with fresh river fish to make the fish round son is also different, in the whole Jiangnan area unique, unique flavor.The fish balls are exquisitely made: the fish is skinned and pricked, and then the tender white meat is chosen.Pork to choose good fat;Eggs only use egg whites;Scallions only choose white parts;Use steamed two ways.When used directly, dip in some old vinegar for better flavor, which is the best choice for eating hot pot.Noodles, soup can also be cut into small pieces, the soup is very delicious.Its ingredients: grass carp, pork fat, ginger, scallion, egg white, salt, MONOsodium glutamate, white pepper, cornstarch amount.When making: cut the grass carp, chop the white fish into mince, and stir fully with the materials.Heat the steamer until boiling, turn the minced fish into a round shape and steam it for about eight minutes.Yuyuan in Jiayu, the southern fish town, not only makes the distant fish culture has been well inherited and innovated, but also has become a beautiful scenery in hubei food culture.Yuyuan is closely related to yugao, which is a famous specialty in Chibi. It is different from yuyuan in shape and has different practices.Fish cake is steamed and then spread the egg yolk on the surface of the fish cake. When eating, the fish cake slices are ready to eat. Besides eating directly, it can also be made into dishes.Fish cake is an indispensable dish in the southern Hubei folk banquet. Almost every banquet will have this dish. The fish cake will be put into slices and the fried fish meat shreds will add different flavor to the fish cake.Fish cake is usually used as the three delicacies in the dish, because a large amount of fish is used in the production, so it tastes fresh and delicious.In the hot pot, fish cake is also indispensable. Put the fish cake into the cooked hot pot, and it only takes a few minutes to heat up, and you can fish cake up and eat it.Fish cake into the spicy hot pot, contaminated with spicy soup, taste delicious.In a clear soup, it has a fresh, tender and refreshing taste.No matter who tries it, he can’t say a bad word.Baotuo is the traditional characteristic food of Tongshan County, Xianning City. It has a long history in Tongshan. Like dumplings in the north, the whole family must eat them during the Spring Festival, which means reunion.Its shape and practice are similar to tangyuan, with sweet potato starch as the main material, mixed with cooked taro or directly with boiling water and noodles as the skin, and then chopped pork, vegetables, dried beans, kneaded into a soup round cooked food.Baotuo has the rounded shape of tangyuan and has more filling than jiaozi.It is characterized by powdery waxy and not thick, play and not tough, filling coarse scattered, each clear, the entrance sweet rich, xiang xiang lasting.Baotuo in Tongshan has not only become a necessary food for the Spring Festival, but also used to entertain guests.On New Year’s Eve, tongshan people have the custom of tasting bao Tuo.On the one hand, because Baotuo is round and larger, it symbolizes reunion and means reunion in the coming year.On the other hand, it is also called “Yuanbao”, a symbol of bonanza.Outside of the wanderer, as long as the thought of bag tuo will evoke deep homesickness, the first thing back to tongshan, is to eat a bowl of delicious bag tuo.The method of making tuo is also very simple. Put it into boiling water and boil it until the tuo rises to the surface of the water and its volume expands significantly. It is cooked.Steamed, fried, fried, fried, can be different flavor.For a cute thing, people tend to give it a lot of names.Tongshan baotuo, also called big tuo, also called Yuanbao.Non-local diners will also call it Tongshan Jiaozi.On New Year’s Eve, the whole family sits together and makes baotuo hand in hand, which is the brand custom of Tongshan people.Bao Tuo is round and big, which can symbolize reunion.Bao tuo also called round treasure, boil a pot of round treasure, that also don’t call life out of the illusion of bonanza?So bag tuo indisputably did the first course of the New Year’s Eve dinner, add to the bowl, is everyone four.You may only be able to eat one or two, but you must add four, which means “prosperity in four seasons”.Who don’t want to eat a few bags of weight, get the best wishes of the New Year ~ New Year’s Eve has come, these Xianning New Year’s taste although homily, but the inner mind is not unusual, every household to make the taste is not the same, this is a unique taste of home, it is also the taste of xianning New Year.Part of the text source network, all copyright belongs to the original author.

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