92-year-old man fell from second floor and got stuck in an 18-centimeter crack

Recently, a 92-year-old man in Taizhou, Zhejiang, was stuck in an 18-centimeter crack and was in critical condition. After receiving the police at 21:09 on the same day, the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene and saw a crack of about 18 centimeters.Old man breathing difficulties but due to the crack is too narrow to normal in the old man dragged out according to the on-site rescue workers immediately decided to iron house for forcible entry yet considering cutting machine to produce too much noise may cause unnecessary terrors firefighters to the old man was unarmed use of shear walls for insulation removed after more than 20 minutes of successful efforts to save the old man from according to the old man lived in at ordinary timesThe second floor accidentally fell from the window of the second floor to the first floor and got stuck between the house and the tin roof.Old man was sent to hospital at once has been discharged, prompt action of the elderly and audio-visual elimination and so on various aspects ability decline in home are older or in poor health of old man must strengthen supervision and sliding images with focus on fire control safety in the elderly left left left ▌ source: China fire fighting, zhengzhou ▌ making: zhengzhou city fire rescue team media centre

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