Thanks to Shui Qingxia, congratulations to Zhang Linyan, the CCTV Lantern Festival gala top praise, equal to the Chinese women’s volleyball team

Thank ShuiQingXia, congratulations Zhang Linyan, CCTV Lantern Festival party thus praise, Chinese women’s volleyball team as women have smooth return to suzhou for quarantine, has returned to normal training, except the king cream with injuries, its her players back training, then worked with formal preparation, for the Chinese women’s team, in addition to the Asian cup champion,They have already qualified for next year’s World Cup, so now the task for the women’s team and Shui Qingxia is to start again and achieve the best result in the World Cup. If they can return to the finals, or even get a better place, the fans will applaud.Chinese women’s football tonight there will be a task, they will be on CCTV Lantern Festival party, in the midst of the party, the guests to compete with the scene of some of the singer, but also Chinese women’s football in isolated observation period, is certainly not to the scene, they through the way of cloud attachment, represent common steel roses, this song for the Chinese women’s team, can get CCTV’s affirmation,To appear on stage in the Lantern Festival gala is to show the spirit of Chinese women’s football to fans across the country.As we all know, after winning the World Cup, the Chinese women’s volleyball team went back to China to participate in the celebration of National Day and finally boarded the float to celebrate the National Day together with the people of the whole country.For the Chinese women’s team, this time on CCTV’s party, also is a very high honor, from exposure to show women’s in an isolated hotel before recording, there is a certain important news, the women’s Asian cup in hand, standing in the first row is c Zhang Linyan won the Asian cup, for the Chinese women’s team,This 21-year-old player may have been identified as the core player of Chinese women’s football team in the future. Standing next to her, Wang Shuang is a very core and important player of Chinese women’s football team for two generations.To such an arrangement, also announced the upgrading of Chinese women’s football is under way, also hope these young Zhang Linyan etc can be tested in the world series, able to resist pressure, better to complete the reconstruction of the Chinese women’s soccer team, the fans also very hope, hope they can in isolated observation period after the end of the enjoy the Spring Festival holiday, after all,They spent the whole Spring Festival playing abroad and even got good results that they couldn’t share with their families.So the follow-up may be off for a short period of time, also want to go back to the future, back to the national team to prepare, hope that the Chinese women’s team can bring to Chinese football in the winter a little hope, hope that the Chinese women’s team in the World Cup for the follow-up, able to do better, also would like to congratulate the Chinese women’s team, congratulations ShuiQingXia guidance, also congratulations Zhang Linyan holding Asia trophy.

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