The work of “dissecting the sparrow” has solved the people’s livelihood demands of Nanjing Taishan

Yangzi evening news net on April 4 dispatch (correspondent Xue Peng reporter Liu Liyuan) basic level management is in precision.In nanjing jiangbei district tai street, one aimed at resolving the demands of the people’s livelihood “dissecting sparrow” comprehensive “examination” is moving forward, adhere to the master of the people, in a line in a line to collect opinions, found the problem in a line, get the “problem”, suit the remedy to the case, targeted therapy, to resolve the residents around distress sorrow to problems, effectively enhance the masses get feeling, happiness and security.In recent years, the taishan street by grid red post “12345” the green channel, to carry out the “hotline MinYou into village, a network solution – I get things done for the populace” practice activities, such as government hotline work order acceptance form, in accordance with the “small incision, deep, progressive” idea, gathered a group of residents reflect the demands of the people’s livelihood highlight key issues.On March 10, 2022, in order to strengthen the response and processing of residents’ demands and improve the effectiveness of work, the sub-district Party Working Committee Secretary Xu Shuanghua led the leaders, relevant functional departments and local communities to go into the on-site meeting one by one according to the list of key issues, and clarify the responsible units, solutions and time limit for solution.Up to now, the first batch of people’s livelihood demands, such as “sewage overflow occurred in the transformation of rain and sewage diversion pipe network in The Seventh Block of Tianrun City”, have been effectively solved.”Pudong Second Village is an open residential area with narrow roads and large traffic and people flow, causing potential safety hazards.”In view of this problem, the main leaders of the street site investigation, clear by the city management office (planning and construction) to cooperate with the Community to solve this problem.After consultation with jiangbei New Area public construction center for many times, the final on March 20 in pudong village beihe bridge installation isolation pile, the formation of a relatively closed community space, so as to prevent other social vehicles entering, to achieve “circulation channel” and “security” both.At the same time, according to the recent requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the community closed the bridge of Pudong Second Village and implemented the closed management of the community, eliminating the potential safety hazards caused by large traffic flow and illegal parking.Before and after the rectification, “The fume purifier fan on the roof of Honghai Hot Spring Hotel is noisy, especially at night, which seriously affects the rest of residents.”In view of this problem, the main street leaders to understand the situation immediately clear city management office (water) as the responsible unit.After many times of communication and negotiation between the street functional departments and Honghai Hotel, in order to completely solve the problems caused by the rooftop equipment to residents’ lives, the hotel finally agreed to contact professional manufacturers to set up the sound insulation screen on the roof, and the sound insulation screen was installed in place on March 13.Currently, Due to the epidemic prevention and control needs, Honghai Hotel is temporarily suspended, and the City management Office (Huanshui) will work with professional institutions to verify the effect of the sound insulation screen after its resumption of business.”Caihong Yayuan side Taibin lane vehicles illegally parked serious, affecting people to travel.”In view of this problem, the comprehensive law enforcement brigade in the early stage of the field investigation, coordination and solution, the main leaders of the street scene requirements “increase strength, speed up”, when necessary, for refusing to leave the vehicle to carry out centralized clearance.It is understood that Taibin Lane belongs to the internal road of China Railway Bridge Bureau Fourth Engineering Co., LTD., and the management authority is not on the street.Law enforcement brigade in line with the “first to solve the problem again” principle of work, immediately along the violation of parked vehicles issued a “letter to the owner”, persuade the owner to remove the vehicle.At the same time, in order to effectively put an end to the phenomenon of disorderly parking of vehicles, law enforcement brigade and enterprises for many times of coordination and communication, and finally on March 23 in Taibin lane along the isolation fence, and continue to cooperate with the community to do a good job of daily persuasion, standardize the parking order of residents.Proofreading su Yun source: Purple Cow News

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