Why is the lottery of Shunde winery “explosive” every time when the index of drinking capacity exceeds 200,000?

First, where is the way out of the sweep code marketing activities?There are many ways for brand owners to obtain traffic. At present, one of the most cost-effective ways to obtain traffic is one thing one code.Through the one-thing, one-code technology, brand owners transform their products into contact points that form a relationship with consumers. When consumers buy products and scan the code to receive marketing rewards, they will further become brand fans. Such fans are precise users who have purchased products and have a certain sense of belonging and identity to the brand.However, if the flow is not converted and retained, the private flow pool is just like a pool of stagnant water, no matter how much traffic grab is useless.Distributing rewards to consumers through one thing and one code can only form a one-time consumption, instead of bringing sustained consumption and attention to the brand.Shunde Distillery has a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of code scanning activities, and insists on retaining users through periodic lottery, so as to carry out accurate marketing for users.In 2021, there will be 24 thousand yuan winning activities, attracting many users to scan code to participate.In the New Year, Shunde winery still extends the period of lottery activities, and combined with the Spring Festival heat detonated the Spring Festival promotion.The wine index is the “chip” for users to participate in the lottery of Shunde winery. Users can open the lid and scan the code to obtain the wine index corresponding to each product.Data showed that the four phases of the lottery released in 2022 all had a drinkability index of more than 200,000, fully demonstrating users’ enthusiasm for the lottery.Even if it is estimated according to the price of red litchi red rice wine with the lowest number of points, the wine capacity index of more than 200,000 represents that shunde distillery can earn nearly 5 million in a short period of time!Scan code users nearly 100,000 is not a problem!Why was shunde’s campaign so successful?The key is to accurately reach users.1. Marketing activities are linked to sales results. Shunde Winery makes the product become a carrier connecting users by giving codes on bottle caps.In the product code and open intelligent marketing, Shunde winery can be said to win at the starting line!Only in the process of product production, Shunde Winery and Mido cooperated to improve production efficiency and precision through production line transformation, and get through the underlying data logic between each code, enabling the digital transformation of the business end.For details, please refer to the article “Identification code production line transformation ⑤ : the key path of project implementation”. The marketing strategy of one thing one code not only helps brand owners to achieve accurate and efficient connection with users, but also attracts users to continue to pay attention to the information of brand owners through such long-term, game-like activities as lottery.These scan code users after a long time of brand marketing, contact, can naturally develop into brand insight, sustainable contact loyal users.In addition, Shunde winery not only gives out wine index to scan code users, but also gives out instant reward of cash red envelope to enhance users’ satisfaction of participating in activities, so as to enhance users’ trust and goodwill to brand owners.2, the higher the alcohol index, the greater the chance of winning the lottery Shunde winery has a feature, is “the higher the alcohol index, the greater the chance of winning the lottery”, such a marketing strategy can effectively stimulate the user’s re-purchase psychology, while helping the brand to develop a large number of loyal users, promote product marketing.(1) Promote users to repurchase to obtain alcohol index and improve product repurchase rate.Shunde winery has set rules corresponding to different wine index for each product, and deeply bound the chance of winning with the wine index, so as to promote users to scan the code of products to improve their own wine index.This way can not only highlight the value of different products, but also virtually promote the movable pin of products, improve the product repurchase rate and scan code rate, and do a good job of user precipitation for the subsequent operation of the brand.(2) Marketing costs will be accurately put on the scan code users, effectively reach users.The lid scan is the only way users can get a drinkability index.Shunde winery sets the rule that the probability of winning the lottery increases with the wine volume index, on the one hand, to promote users to re-purchase products, and more importantly, to ensure that the brand will accurately invest marketing costs in these users, so as to improve the user conversion rate.At the same time, ensure that users who repurchase products for many times fully enjoy their rights and interests, so that users are more loyal, so as to achieve the effect of fine operation.The lucky draw of Shunde distillery is able to achieve such special rules, relying on one thing one code technology.This year has been the sixth year of cooperation between Shunde Distillery and Mido. Mido’s big data engine system has provided full technical support for the activities of Shunde distillery, while one-thing one-code technology has met the needs of precise access to users of Shunde distillery.The higher the drinking index is, the greater the chance of winning the prize. The activity rules are based on the number of scanning codes of users, and the system can accurately judge which kind of users are the target users of the brand.In order to achieve accurate, differentiated marketing, so that the brand promotion cost to spend on the edge of the knife, really realize the integration of product and sales.3. Encouraging loyal users to share the fission wine index as the key point of the lottery, it can also become the focus of Shunde winery to expand its brand marketing power with the help of loyal users.Shunde distillery can also regularly release the activity of “winning wine index by answering questions, sharing answer links and increasing answer opportunities”, and specify that users who have purchased products and scanned the code can participate in it, to ensure that loyal users can enjoy the rights and interests of winning prizes, and marketing costs are still accurately invested in such target users.At the same time, the upper limit of the number of answers is set to ensure that the alcohol index is still obtained in the code scanning activity, so as to avoid the decrease of the product purchase rate and the code scanning rate, so that the answer activity becomes the best auxiliary for brand marketing.On the one hand, it can increase the interaction between loyal users and brand owners and promote brand culture at the same time.On the other hand, loyal users are taken as the central point of user fission to deepen the impression and cognition of new users on the brand’s lottery activities, and drive new users to buy products and scan codes to participate in the activities.Three, summarizes the capacity index is higher, the greater the chances of winning the rules, not only can attract the user after purchase of products in order to enhance their own capacity for liquor index to participate in the activities of lottery, but also as brands the basis of precision marketing, the marketing cost accurately targeted on the loyal users, users and brands increased viscosity, final feedback brands a yard sale and period of the phase of the sweepstakes.Maximize marketing exposure and win-win for both users and brands.Founded in 2014, Mitomidor is mainly engaged in big data engine system and has three core products: One thing one code, social cloud store and CDP. It is committed to taking EBC as the core, industrial router as the carrier and BC integration as the entry point.Build an online industrial service platform based on “three-dimensional connection, data sharing, traffic sharing, panoramic resonance, all-domain empowerment, and all-chain win-win”.It provides one-stop comprehensive service solutions including commodities, technology, marketing, data and logistics for enterprises related to the industrial chain, and promotes the digital transformation of marketing of operators in all links of the industrial chain, especially brands in large consumption fields.At present, Mido has reached cooperation with “Coca-Cola, Jin Jiu, Maotai, Weida, Jierou, Snow, Carlsberg, Liby, Kazilan, Baiquling” and other 30,000 + well-known brands, to help the preferred marketing digital overall solution provider.Click the “link” to contact customer service for more industry solutions.

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