Zhu Zhu’s Spring Festival yoga photos, pretending to be graceful on the beach, her daughter in the side of the practice of looking up cute feet

On February 5, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, Zhu Zhu has already arranged the fitness cause, she posted many photos, and attached a message: Celebrate the Winter Olympics, Welcome the New Year, 14 days of yoga challenge, the second day of punching, who else to come?In fact, Zhu Zhu as early as the day before the beginning, also wearing sunglasses out of the mirror, posed in the beach basking posture, lazy and do not break beautiful, she humorously said that “the heart of the sea, where is the Maldives.”The painting style is very feminine!Last time is nifty swing clap, this zhu Zhu is very seriously doing every movement, she is wearing a black fitness clothes, tied the ball head, in the sun stretched his body, look relaxed, although the waist is not so fine, but still send out charm beauty.Zhu Zhu in the late pregnancy when the body edema, from the hands and feet is not difficult to see a lot of fat, because more pregnant, many netizens at that time also speculated that she was pregnant with twins.Two months after giving birth, Zhu said she was 20 kilograms heavier than before she became pregnant, but she says she is in no rush to lose weight and enjoys every moment of herself.Yoga is not an exercise that can make people lose weight quickly, but it is a kind of exercise that can cultivate temperament.Zhu Zhu also took her daughter to work out in this spacious room. Under the sun, the little princess lay flat on the ground and studied hard to raise her head. This movement is somewhat similar to zhu zhu’s fitness posture in the picture above.Children’s hands and cheeks are tooty, visible growth pleasing, mom and dad raise particularly well.The Spring Festival these days, Zhu Zhu’s frequency of drying baby is particularly high, she often took her daughter out for exercise, but most of the time, the children are holding a pacifier asleep.Zhu Zhu looked at his daughter, eyes are gentle!Zhu Zhu’s husband Wang Yunjia’s career is high-end suit customization, so he always wears a variety of suits on weekdays, is a very gentleman and exquisite person, but after his daughter, his temperament also changed, minute into a super dad.Wang Yunjia is a responsible father and husband when the three of them go out.The little princess inherited her mother’s pear vortex and single eyelid, I believe that the future is also a living little beauty.Zhu zhu once said she didn’t need a partner, but she changed her mind when she met Wang yunjia. The two admired each other and started dating in the direction of marriage.In order not to be disturbed by the outside gossip, Zhu Zhu did not even officially declare their relationship, only to protect this precious relationship, so it was not exposed until the wedding.It can be seen that Wang Yunjia and Zhu Zhu are both romantic people, but after upgrading their world into a family of three, they are all around their children, and more quiet time is good.

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