Li Fengping, a female nurse, strangled her colleagues for 200,000 yuan, indulged in gambling, and hated her husband’s request to sleep with her to pay off debts

Article | blended feng-ping li, she is a nurse, because of the addict network gambling debt owed millions, therefore had to make up excuses to borrow from colleagues, and colleagues agreed luo’s request, to the body in exchange.In the end, claiming that she could not stand the shame, she killed Luo and destroyed his body.And she paid a terrible price for her crime: she was sentenced to death.Li Fengping of poor one’s previous experience, once was the most clever sensible child in the home, excellent academic performance, after graduation, also smoothly entered the city hospital work, parents are proud of her, younger brother and sister also take her as an example, why can she indulge gambling on the road of crime?At about five o ‘clock in the afternoon of March 22, 2020, Li Fengping, who lives in a rental building on the third floor of Vertang Street in Yuzhou District of Yulin City, is ready to go to work. She is a nurse in the First People’s Hospital of Yulin City, when she was 25 years old.On her way downstairs, she heard the second-floor tenant say the drain was blocked.The girl on this floor is also a nurse, and her boyfriend works at the police station.After Li Fengping went to work in a hospital, the girl on the second floor and her boyfriend came to the landlord to unclog the sewer and found a large number of “meat pieces”.The girl, a nurse by training, recognized what could be human tissue and her boyfriend immediately called the police.On the same day, a woman reported to the public Security Bureau that her husband, Surnamed Luo, had not returned home for two days, did not answer his phone and sent strange messages.She had no idea that her husband had been washed down the drain in pieces.In the early hours of the night, police arrested Li fengping on her way home from work.After the case came to light, colleagues at the hospital and Li fengping’s family were shocked, especially Li fengping’s father, who could not believe that his daughter, whom she was so proud of, was addicted to gambling and committed murder and mutilation.Li fengping doesn’t seem like the kind of nefarious killer that colleagues describe as gentle and soft-spoken, and only once did she speak up to a patient’s family, which led to a complaint.However, she never had in-depth communication with her colleagues and kept a very cautious distance from everyone. She had no real bosom friends and lived alone. She basically had two points, home and work unit, on weekdays.She rarely visits her hometown, citing busy work, but there may be other reasons.Li Fengping’s family is in a village in Dongping Town, Bobai County, Guangxi. Her family is poor. She used to be a poor family before 2007, and was rated as a subsistence allowance family after she got rid of poverty.Born in 1995, she is the eldest daughter and has two sisters and a brother.Li fengping’s father attached great importance to children’s education. He believed that the only way out of poverty and out of the village was to study.In order to support the education of his four children, li Fengping’s father works outside all the year round to earn money, and the family is entirely dependent on his wife.But the wife was in poor health and had a history of mental illness.So as the eldest daughter li Fengping is very precocious and sensible, usually to help take care of her younger brother and sister and do housework.Li Fengping’s academic performance is very good. She is one of the top students in school and has won many awards, which makes her father very pleased and proud.When she graduated from junior high school, Li fengping listened to her father’s advice and chose “3+2 specialty” instead of senior high school. She was admitted to guangxi Medical University and became a role model for her younger siblings.But no one could have predicted that she would go astray.Addicted to Gambling In her last year at Guangxi Medical University, Li got an internship at yulin First People’s Hospital.In 2017, when she was about to graduate, many hospitals came to li Fengping’s school for recruitment, she sent her resume, finally three hospitals admitted her, but Li Fengping thought Yulin is close to home, she chose to stay in this hospital internship.I continue to live in the house I shared with my classmates during my internship, which is not far from the hospital. The rent is 350 yuan a month.After becoming a regular employee of the hospital, Li fengping first worked in the spinal surgery department and then transferred to the emergency department after a year, according to the hospital’s rotation training regulations.Frequent transfer let her very is not adapted to, the key is in the round training period, the treatment is low.Another problem with all this shuffling around is that she can’t make close, trusted friends.Because of the busy work in the hospital, she seldom goes home, and she has to go home only for one night. She can only stay for a few days during the Spring Festival, and she has little communication with her family. Her father thinks that her daughter has found a good work unit and has a good life.But in fact, Li Fengping has a lot of pain nowhere to talk.Also be below such circumstance, Li Fengping classics hospital colleague Liu mou introduces, downloaded network gambling game.Liu won a little money at first, so he taught Li Fengping to earn some extra money together.But later Liu mou found that he lost more than he earned, so he uninstalled the game and stopped playing.Unbeknownst to her, Li Fengping was getting deeper and deeper.Li fengping was a poorly paid nurse at the time, and after losing all her savings, she began to make up excuses to borrow money from her colleagues.The first time is to borrow liu, she pretended to sign up for the nurse exam, to Borrow 3000 yuan Liu.But this money can not satisfy her at all, she began to do a credit card set of money, set out of the money are finally lost.When it came time to repay, she could not fill in, and made up all kinds of lies to introduce colleagues.Slowly, word spread in the hospital that many colleagues were unwilling to lend her any more money.Her excuses became increasingly outrageous, lying about her mother’s cervical cancer and buying a house.Most of her colleagues shunned her, but some softhearted colleagues took the bait.Two colleagues used their own identity information to help Li Fengping borrow 300,000 yuan, a total of 600,000 yuan, li Fengping has not paid back the money, all lost.According to police, Li transferred a total of 2.9 million yuan to online gambling platforms.Apart from the money she borrowed from colleagues for various reasons, and the money she borrowed from various online lending platforms, the hole could not be filled.But Li Fengping has never thought to stop, but not hesitate to sell their own body for money.Li Fengping 03. Body Trading Luo was 51 when she was killed.He is the deputy chief physician of spinal surgery at yulin No. 1 People’s Hospital and has a daughter with his wife, who was in high school at the time.Luo always drives a BMW to work on weekdays, he is very rich in the hospital, Li Fengping is very concerned about this.When her acquaintances refused to lend her money, she thought of luo, a rich man.Li Fengping and Luo mou is not familiar, but in order to borrow money, she has no respect for face.In October 2019, Li Fengping sent a message to Luo, to borrow 200,000 yuan from him, unexpectedly Luo agreed.There is, however, one condition.Luo in a hotel after opening a room to let Li Fengping in the past, this is the first time the two had a relationship.The next day, Luo transferred 50 thousand yuan to Li Fengping;Later, each time after sex, Luo mou to Li Fengping transfer 50 thousand yuan.During this period, Luo mou in order to facilitate trysts with Li Fengping, but also contributed to let Li Fengping rented a house near the hospital, which is later the scene of the rental house.On the evening of March 21, 2020, Luo had dinner at home and drank some red wine. He told his wife that he was going to the hospital for an operation. His wife did not suspect him, and Luo never returned.After leaving home, Luo came to let Li Fengping rented house, a door will be intimate with Li Fengping.Li Fengping is not willing to, Luo scolded her, but also threatened to put the two things out in the hospital, destroy her reputation.Li fengping later told the court that she really hated luo, that every time they had sex, they were forced into it and that she felt ashamed to be with Luo.Can luo mou, li Fengping as a little lover.He also suggested that Li Fengping give him a son, he probably thought that Li Fengping wanted to be with him.That night, Li Fengping thought more and more angry.After Luo fell asleep, she searched the Internet for ways to make luo disappear.In the end, she decided to kill Luo and did it.Li Fengping that night around one o ‘clock in the morning, After Luo fell asleep, Li Fengping took a computer power cord to choke Luo’s neck, luo had woken up during the struggle, but his struggle is in vain, Li Fengping looked at Luo to let go.About why Li Fengping can strangle Luo so easily, the sister saw in the news at the time, forensic medicine found sleeping pills in Luo’s liver tissue.Li Fengping said he had tried to commit suicide in the trial, so from the hospital to buy dozens of sleeping pills, do not exclude her that night to luo under the sleeping pills, coupled with Luo drinking wine, naturally unable to resist.After confirming Luo’s death, Li fengping transferred 98,000 yuan from Luo’s mobile phone, but the money was immediately seized by the online loan platform.Guarding Luo all night, at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Li Fengping changed clothes to go to the hospital to work.No one saw anything unusual in her.After work in the evening, she returned to the scene and began to dissect the body, which took more than 20 hours to complete.She boiled the dismembered tissue and flushed it down the drain, while hiding the bones under her bed.The tenant and landlord on the second floor called the police after they found a large amount of suspected human tissue while cleaning the clogged sewer. The police rushed to the scene to search and arrested Li fengping on her way from work.Li Fengping in the first and second trials, Li Fengping were sentenced to death.Ms. Li’s father, who has been campaigning on her behalf, said the court sentence was too harsh.And he still can’t understand, that sweet and good daughter, how can become this way?He thought his education was a success, but now he’s devastated.He didn’t know whose fault it was?The colleague who introduced Li Fengping to download online gambling software destroyed her?Or the luo who forced Li Fengping to sell her body?After all, it was Li Fengping’s greed that destroyed her.The heart is not enough snake swallow elephant, introduce Li Fengping download software Liu mou, after losing money in a timely manner, so Liu mou did not like Li Fengping in the deeper, only Li Fengping, the bigger the bet.In order to borrow money, he even fabricated a lie about his mother suffering from cancer and even sold his own body.If she pulled back in time, did not take the initiative to find Luo mou to borrow money, luo mou how to take advantage of the opportunity to enter?What’s more, as a medical worker, the duty should be to cure people, but Li Fengping killed her colleagues with her own hands.Angel and demon, in a flash.– End — Author: Guoguo, who once worked as a social news reporter and wrote entertainment news for ten years, is now a freelance writer and author of “we media”, focusing on hot news and character stories and digging the source behind the news. 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