Tongliao City public security Bureau: I stick to protect you peace and happiness

During the Spring Festival, tongliao city public security organs of two stage, in-depth implementation of the Ministry of Public Security bureau and the municipal party committee government policy decisions and stick to the epidemic prevention and control and the new situation, new features such as games security, careful deployment, united struggle, loyalty, takes office, go all out to do a good job in risk prevention during Spring Festival, safe, stable and outbreak of war,Effectively maintain the overall stability of the city’s social security.From February 1 to February 6, 2022, there were no major criminal security cases and major traffic accidents in The city, and the social order was good.During the period, the city’s 110 alarm service stations received a total of 1770 effective police situation, down 33.3% from the previous month, including criminal police situation decreased 76% from the previous month;The police situation of public security decreased by 25.39%;Traffic police decreased by 36.1%.During the Spring Festival this year, police officers and auxiliary police stood firm in their posts and exchanged their hard work for the happiness of the people.Wang Yong, deputy mayor of Tongliao Municipal government, Secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Public Security Bureau, presided over special meetings and video meetings for research and deployment, and made specific arrangements.The whole time to sit on duty, in-depth grassroots field inspection condolences.Other bureaus party committee leadership to strengthen duty scheduling, close cooperation, targeted to strengthen work coordination and guidance.Local public security organs are mainly responsible for comrades to stick to their posts and command from the front. The majority of auxiliary police officers are dedicated to their duties and selfless dedication, and continue to fight on the front line of security. The total number of police officers in the city has been 11,000, ensuring that the people celebrate the Spring Festival in a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere.Police sinking fully open the escort mode to strengthen the street police.The city’s two levels of public security organs to carry out the “organ 100 police officers to grass-roots” activities, fully sink to support the grass-roots police station security work;The city’s emergency response force persisted in being on duty, strictly implemented the joint patrol mechanism of public security and armed police and the “1, 3, 5 minutes” rapid response mechanism, and effectively increased the rate of street police and the rate of in-charge.Strengthen the crackdown and rectification.In light of the characteristics of public security at the end and beginning of the year and the prominent problems that the people are strongly concerned about, we intensified targeted efforts to crack down on telecommunications and Internet fraud, theft, robbery and fraud, pornography, gambling and drug abuse, and food and drug trafficking, forming strong deterrence against crimes and maintaining good public order.We have carried out comprehensive inspections of dangerous goods and intensive inspections of social gatherings, strengthened road traffic safety management, and implemented regular epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure the continued stability of social gatherings.Strengthen traffic regulation.Tgo traffic police organization deployed nine traffic police brigade in close coordination with the district police station, take the fixed flow check with law enforcement, daily check and YeZha 24 hours service mode, in law enforcement key intersection, the province city road station, urban and rural integration of toll station and rural roads extra police on duty, for all kinds of serious traffic violations zero tolerance, carry out “produced” investigate,A situation of high pressure and strict control was formed in the whole city.At the same time, the detachment and the brigade play a warning role through wechat, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou and other new media platforms, exposing typical drunk driving cases every day, strengthening the publicity and education of key vehicles and key groups, improving the safety awareness of drivers, and guiding the majority of drivers to drive safely.Through village and community wechat group, we publicize the dangers and serious consequences of drunk driving in the form of case statement, and remind drivers to remember “don’t drink while driving, don’t drink while driving”, so as to achieve civilized driving, safe travel, and eliminate road traffic safety hazards from the source.According to statistics, as of 16:00 on February 6th during the Spring Festival holiday, more than 3,200 police officers and 210 police cars were mobilized in the city, and more than 3,000 traffic violations were investigated.Strengthen epidemic prevention and control.The “public security plus” mechanism was fully utilized, and more than 1,300 police officers were involved in epidemic prevention, such as tracing the source of the epidemic, traffic control and management of quarantine points, to effectively guard the defense line of the epidemic and ensure zero importation and zero infection throughout the city during the Spring Festival.In order to meet the needs of returning personnel to apply for exit and entry documents during the Spring Festival, all the civilian auxiliary police in the reception hall of the Exit and Entry Administration detachment stick to their posts during the Spring Festival and provide convenient services for the applicants who make appointments to apply for documents, truly doing practical things for the masses.Before the Spring Festival, to expand the service propaganda and the populace awareness, city bureau of exit and entry management team careful planning, careful deployment, through WeChat, weibo, Posting of the public, such as form, announced the city during the Spring Festival of exit and entry window, consulting service telephone reservation registration time, the applicant can call consulting, online booking and so on a variety of ways, with all required materials,A good certificate for the nearest one-time.During the Spring Festival, the detachment reception hall received a total of more than 20 people, a great local convenience to the masses, the masses and the community’s consistent praise!During the Spring Festival, local police stations and other household registration Windows specially offer services such as incorrect time, delay and appointment, so that people who handle certificates can find people and get things done.We will continue to carry out the “I do Practical things for the People” campaign, go into communities and rural areas to visit people in need, wholeheartedly do good things for the people, do practical things, solve difficulties, and further improve the satisfaction of the people.During the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Tongliao Public Security Bureau will focus on the situation and the police force will continue to maintain high-level service, strengthen social inspection and traffic order management, implement detailed safety measures, continue to crack down on illegal and criminal activities, and continue to create a good social security environment (Tongliao Public Security Bureau News publicity Department)

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