Xu Mengtao after winning three asked “AM I a champion?”Netizens were already in tears

After 16 years of waiting, four Winter Olympics, and an athlete from a young age to a mature mother, Xu Mengtao used her personal legend to tell the story of sportsmanship as an athlete. Her persistence finally paid off!In the women’s air skills final, Xu Mengtao won the championship with absolute score advantage, ushered in the first hardware good news for our country, looking at xu Mengtao wearing the five-star red flag after the game, we know that this gold, it is not easy, this gold, full of too much sweat and tears!After the last player jumped, Xu Mengtao will be the champion firmly in hand, she was excited for a time, tears left her eyes, gesture slightly exaggerated, wearing the five-star red flag in the field, she shouted: AM I the first?Am I number one?Am I number one?Not only did she become a tearful person, the commentator also became a tearful person, and the online audience also became a tearful person. This roar seemed to show off her achievements to the world, and also seemed to release the psychological oppression suffered in the past 16 years. Her cry shook the audience in the scene and in front of the screen.We want to say, Xu Mengtao, not only in today’s competition, you have always been the first, in our hearts, we understand you, will always support you!

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