Zhang Jianbin: Stay true to the beginning, bear the mission, persist, stick to and be loyal

Zhang Jianbin: never forget the beginning, bear the mission, persist, adhere to see loyalty, he is 49 years old, a member of the Communist Party of China, the first grade police lieutenant, the second grade police chief, has won the personal second-class merit award 2 times, personal third-class merit award 5 times, personal award 3 times.Epidemic prevention and control, he spearheaded;Resolving conflicts, he did his duty;He goes all out to serve the enterprise.No matter how the task changes, what remains unchanged is his persistence and silent dedication.He is Zhang Jianbin, head of baihe Police Station, public security branch of The Urban-rural Integration Demonstration Zone of Nanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau.He is a pioneer in epidemic prevention and control.In the face of THE COVID-19 epidemic, Zhang Jianbin took the initiative to take the lead and stick to the forefront of fighting the epidemic and maintaining stability. He interpreted the exemplary role of a CPC member police officer with practical actions.COVID – 19 since the epidemic prevention and control work, greengnn always to protect people’s life safety as own duty, as actively, executing duty, various epidemic prevention station as a whole, organize and lead a comrade actively cooperate with the higher authority party committee, government, and to provide prevention propaganda, information verification, key personnel on epidemic control, combat crime and so on each work.He gave full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and cadres, led the police and auxiliary police of all party members to rush to the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, and took 12-hour shifts on duty at the isolation point of epidemic prevention and control.At the epidemic prevention and control card point of Shuangpu Expressway Station, round-the-clock shift guard;He acts as both commander and combatant to protect the lives of the masses with practical actions.Zhang jianbin conscientiously implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures of the party Committees and governments at higher levels and the public security organs, and made every effort to implement all measures to prevent risks, protect security, combat the epidemic and ensure stability.Since the beginning of the epidemic, he has been sticking to the front line of the fight against the epidemic. He immediately coordinated supplies to ensure internal security of the unit, and led the civil auxiliary police to carry out continuous inspection of nine small places, hotels, Internet cafes, foot baths and other places where people are easy to gather to ensure the safety of the area.He grasped the total number of returnees, checked information quickly and effectively, and provided detailed data for higher authorities to timely predict the epidemic situation.He is solving contradiction, conciliation “gold medal” baihe police station’s jurisdiction is main position, nanyang new town construction working site, more involved in the demolition group, greengnn as actively, the situation in the bud, in the dispute settlement in the nascent stages, do things not out of the village, big is not out of the town, contradiction is not handed in, the service is not absent.On January 2, 2022, Baihe police station received 110 command center instruction said, the area of a construction site there is a problem of unpaid wages, after receiving the police, the police on duty quickly arrived at the scene, after understanding, more than 20 labor workers at the gate of the site to beg for wages, threatened to pull a banner petition.Zhang Jianbin immediately rushed to the scene, command the scene police auxiliary police division of responsibility, maintain the order of the scene, and stabilize the mood of workers.Due to the approaching Spring Festival, workers’ wages have not been settled, and the site has not been able to contact the person in charge, resulting in intensified conflicts.Zhang Jianbin moved to move, understand the reason, speak about the situation, speak about the policy, the workers agreed to go back temporarily, to wait for processing.Zhang Jianbin attaches great importance to this matter and pays close attention to the development trend of the matter and the ideological dynamics of the workers.Actively contact the district labor supervision department, owe office, justice and site responsible party and workers representatives held a joint consultation meeting, under the auspices of Zhang Jianbin coordination, only two days for workers owe wages of more than 330,000 yuan, more than 20 workers successfully get wages, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of construction migrant workers.Zhang Jianbin, the “legal adviser” of the service enterprises, based on his job responsibilities, acts as a “shopkeeper” in the process of serving enterprises. He clearly helps the enterprises one by one, understands their needs in time, provides one-to-one legal services, responds to concerns and solves problems.In a visit, the area of the responsible person of a shopping plaza reflects that the store accounts are not on, Zhang Jianbin with his years of experience in handling cases, immediately went to check the monitoring with the supermarket responsible person, after repeated inspection, found a cashier stealing.After Zhang Jianbin understands the case, organize police to summon criminal suspect Li mou immediately.After interrogation, since November 2020, the suspect Li mou to use their own in the shopping plaza cashier’s convenience, will pay the cash in the case of not into the warehouse, secretly delete the register scanned goods and customers pay the cash stolen, until the case, the total theft of supermarket business 35000 yuan.Zhang Jianbin through case investigation, timely for the enterprise merchant stop loss.In the current “optimize business environment and thousands of police help thousands of companies” activities, visit greengnn actively into the enterprise, increase enterprise visit safety inspections, the unstable factors, timely resolve that enterprises disputes, eliminate the operation risks, maintain the normal management order, a total of 33 screening the construction site, clean up the site five of wage arrears for migrant workers, settle owe 720 ten thousand yuan,The long-term mechanism to ensure the rights and interests of migrant workers to operate, the establishment of integrity of the demonstration area construction market, to create a “harmonious demonstration area” made a new contribution.

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