Bloggers a single commission of 100,000, micro blog group buying why so profitable?

Once upon a time, group buying is the leader with members to obtain low-price welfare, but I do not know when to start, the leader became a shopping guide, together with members of the wool.”Bring goods” is definitely the buzzword of the past two years.When you follow a blogger, it can sometimes be hard to tell if he or she is really sharing personal goodies or sending soft ads.However, there is nothing wrong with this. Bloggers usually work hard to maintain their fans by producing content and monetize their traffic to earn advertising fees, but they do not directly benefit from their fans.Brands may have hoped for more exposure and awareness than direct profit from sales.However, the fans of these bloggers, the original intention of attention is to share the content of the bloggers themselves, if the blogger advertises too much, it may cause the antipathy of fans.But some bloggers are different. They include a buy link in almost every promotion, emphasizing low prices or good value in addition to the high quality and appearance of the product.These bloggers, who seem to share clothes, makeup and snacks, all have a common name — group buying bloggers.Although the number of recomments and praises of a single microblog is not very high, we underestimated the ability of group buying bloggers to take goods.For example, “Mazi Tuangou”, a group buying blogger with nearly 1.8 million followers on weibo, can have millions of readers and more than 10,000 interactions on weibo in a day. With weibo and wechat fans, the number of fans radiated is absolutely considerable.Group buying bloggers are well aware of the routines of group buying on Weibo and the pain points of fans’ purchasing intention. First, they emphasize cheap price, after all, consumers who participate in group buying are originally eager to get a good price.Second, there should be beautiful pictures, and not excessive filters, to show the real situation of the goods themselves;Third, tweet copywriting to make people want to buy, such as free shipping, cash back and so on.Not only that, group buying bloggers also know how to avoid advertising words by weibo shield, many words are specially used in the wrong words, such as “package” changed into “package oil”, “package U”, “return how much” written “anti how much”.We have to say that group buying bloggers are really busy, but their busy nature is not generating electricity for love.In fact, the formation of the early group purchase, really from the warm heart of the leader, their own purchase needs, will have the same purchase needs of consumers organized to find merchants to talk about bulk purchase discount price.Therefore, the leader should not only have the ability to gather consumers and develop members, but also have the ability to negotiate with businesses.You see, one’s own buying needs are not necessary to become a leader.This is not only the birth of full-time group buying bloggers, but also the foreshadowing of group buying crash.Before the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, group buying was mostly carried out through special group buying websites. However, with the development of mobile network, group buying websites based on web pages are also facing transformation.Platforms with conditions develop their own apps, while those without conditions are attracted by the flow of social platforms, especially weibo, which has more public users and strong openness. Many group buying bloggers take this as their main position.Just plain “group purchase” in the nickname of the account has accumulated millions of fans, and many group purchase bloggers still wear a dress, beauty makeup, evaluation blogger, but in essence is to rely on the group to obtain income, after all, the flow of the final return is to be able to cash.What’s more, fans also know that these bloggers are “the name of the blogger and the reality of group buying”.In addition to the leaders who migrated from group buying websites to social platforms, there are also some kols from social platforms who have transformed into group buying bloggers.And coupon bloggers threshold is not high, compared with group purchase form early, need to offline accumulation consumers become members, fans of the Internet era is a ready-made potential members, as long as find the right business cooperation, open group it is very easy – look for the new open a shop, the number of fans and sales are small taobao shop cooperation, and accumulated some experience, openThey have the ability to negotiate with larger merchants, or even find their way to them.The development of group purchase is in full swing, the most fundamental reason lies in the “head to earn money”.Their group buying income includes commission and commission. The commission is the “advertising fee” obtained by the group buying bloggers when they release the information of opening the group. As for whether the products are sold or not, the bloggers are not concerned about whether the products are sold well or not.However, the group leader, also known as the head group buying blogger, mostly takes a commission. The percentage of commission for different categories of commodities is also different, and the overall percentage is between 5% and 20%.Meet with big single, daily ten thousand yuan is not a dream, had a big head to open a coat group, take 15%, the sales of more than two thousand get nearly 100 thousand commission.The league members bought the goods they wanted at a low price, the leader got considerable profits, and the merchant sold the goods. It seems that group buying is a good thing for three parties to gain profits, but in fact?After all, it is not for the purpose of self-use to select products and open groups, and group buying overturned cars is not in the minority.Some group buying bloggers only look at the profit, and will not refuse to buy goods that are not of the right quality or price.The poor quality of products and the low price of group purchase are the two main reasons for members to attack group purchase bloggers.A rollover may be abandoned by members, quick money is good to earn, but long flow is the real way to make money.Therefore, some group buying bloggers are serious and responsible. They will configure product selection assistants, select cooperative merchants, and even make great efforts after sales.Such group buying bloggers can naturally do big and strong do for a long time.Besides quality and price, groupon bloggers face other risks.Many group buying bloggers cooperate with the sellers of imitation products, and they can get imitation Dior Tote bags and Gucci dirty shoes for just a few hundred yuan. They also use nicknames to refer to imitation brands in their tweets, such as Dior Dior, Coach Stutterer, UGG Oil, Canada Goose.Not to mention the piracy and infringement of imitation itself, once the seller is reported, the goods are removed from the shelves, and the shop is closed, consumers may not get their money back.The recent wave of “back taxes” is not without its impact on group buying bloggers, who can trace the amount of goods carried by group buying bloggers through links to receive coupons.If it is in the form of the store owner and customer service to report the code, it is estimated to be more difficult to track, but as long as you also open the group through weibo tweet, there is always a way to supervise, even if the number of calculated tweets, also can get a lot of tax evasion fish.In a word, consumers must sharpen their eyes and remind themselves that although there is a discount, it is not the merchants and the head of the welfare.No matter what the product, in the eyes of the “leader”, you are just a fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

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