Born to embrace the double carbon era

Zhuzhou News On February 14 (correspondent Chen Jiaqi) a few days ago, with the baishi Port water purification center photovoltaic project power distribution cabinet closing switch falls, Zhuzhou’s first “photovoltaic + sewage treatment” project officially energized trial operation.The total area of the project is about 31495.2 square meters, adopting the mode of “self-use, surplus electricity to the Internet”. The generated energy will be absorbed by the internal load of the sewage plant first, and the surplus electricity will be exported to the State grid. The total installed pv capacity is 2.86MWP, and the estimated average annual generating capacity is 2.58 million KWH.Since the project landed, Zhuzhou drainage Company caused high attention, quickly gathered multiple forces, overall coordination, linkage, strive to promote the project quickly, the whole lasted only 42 days to achieve the grid connection and electricity.As in zhuzhou water group under the double carbon target of “green transition” try for the first time, to the positive response of the “four new” strategy in the province, the project in zhuzhou drainage company white stone harbor water quality purification center for the pilot, can use sewage factory open field advantage, to build a distributed solar power systems, in clean energy to replace traditional fossil energy,Reduce energy consumption in sewage treatment stage from the source.Party lead build red engine after received order from the photovoltaic project pilot, hungry, white stone harbor water quality purification center rapidly to form a party at the port of white stone as the core of photovoltaic project management team, priority to build red engine, play a role of the party leading potential energized, let the party members and cadres in the former charge, accountable before, and drive the pv projects launched.The team through strengthening the organization and leadership, clear team functions, refine the work list, mobilize the power of the factory to give full play to the advantages of all parties, focus on joint management, so that the party building, in-plant production, photovoltaic development go hand in hand, promote the clean completion of photovoltaic projects.Be prepared for a rainy day Play home advantage.The design and construction of the project are inseparable from the on-site cooperation and consultation.In order to strengthen communication and understanding, the photovoltaic project management team held the first tripartite meeting and consultation meeting in Baishigang Water Quality Purification Center on November 10, 2021. The team in the plant participated in the meeting as the operator and took advantage of the home ground to control the project according to local conditions.Feasible suggestions and opinions are put forward for the design scheme, site construction, personnel safety and epidemic prevention and control.After the meeting, the team led the designer and the builder to check and confirm the site, laying a good foundation for the follow-up project construction.Sewage factory director Cai Hubao site inspections, to lead the team many times to arrange staff together with the construction of the scene every day besides, further promoting the on site construction in an orderly way, avoid to break ground impact on factory existing underground plumbing, cable laying, and prevent stent laid difficult point for subsequent production operation maintenance, guarantee the project slowly but surely, get twice the result with half the effort.As the 2022 project comes to an end, the photovoltaic project has ushered in the most important link of grid connection.Grid connection is not just a simple power outage wiring, for sewage treatment plants, switching power and equipment power outage means major changes in production, a slight carelessness will endanger the Xiangjiang water environment and drinking water safety problems;And the grid connection involves three power switches, three high-voltage operations, and a temporary power failure in the second phase. It is very difficult to ensure the normal water quality, ensure the safety of the operation, and consider the seamless connection with the photovoltaic project side.In order to successfully realize the grid connection on January 11, as early as December 30, 2021, the sewage plant on the joint drainage company production department director Hou Zhiyong to the distribution room of the investigation.On January 6, factory organized will discuss photovoltaic (pv) grid, a practical scheme of piecewise power to mitigate the effects of power grid operation in production, also may appear in all kinds of problems in the process of online discussion and plan plan, according to the result of the discussion as a whole the production scheduling plan, arrange the participants to casing inspection in advance.On January 11th, all members took up their posts in accordance with the established plan. The technical room, dispatching room and comprehensive room worked together with each other, relying on the seamless arrangement and execution, and finally completed the photovoltaic grid-connection under the premise of ensuring the water quality, and passed the biggest difficulty of the photovoltaic project.On January 21, the factory held the completion acceptance meeting of distributed PHOTOVOLTAIC power generation project of Baishigang Water Purification Center, which marked the perfect end of the project construction.Under the dual carbon background, all walks of life are facing the difficult problem of the transformation and development of ecological industrial structure. As a large consumer of energy consumption, sewage treatment industry needs to pay more attention to various measures of energy saving and carbon reduction.The distributed photovoltaic power generation project of Baishigang Water Purification Center is the first step for Zhuzhou Water Group to transform into a green and conservation-oriented enterprise, which has a good demonstration role.At present, photovoltaic power generation is in trial operation, which has successfully supplemented the daily production power consumption of Baishigang Water purification Center, effectively realizing the triple combination of ecological benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits.

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