Late Qing old photo: shanxi street inn 100 years ago, straight towering taiyuan twin towers!

The picture shows a group of old photos of shanxi people’s life taken in late Qing Dynasty in 1905. In that year, an American photographer named Zhang Bolin visited Shanxi in May of the same year and recorded a large number of old photos of social conditions and people with his camera.The picture shows an old picture of shanxi street inn 100 years ago. The picture shows a scene of Taiyuan street scene in the early 20th century, in which you can see a shop named “Renewal money Shop”, which is most famous for its ticket number and is a leading power in the financial industry during the late Qing Dynasty.This is an old photo of shanxi people in the streets of late Qing Dynasty in 1905. In fact, Shanxi had extraordinary significance in the late Qing Dynasty.Shanxi merchants from ancient times, when Nurhachi took the central plains in the late Qing Dynasty, Shanxi merchants provided a lot of materials and money for the late Qing court, which greatly promoted the economic development ability of the late Qing dynasty.The picture shows the poor people working in the fields in taiyuan in the late Qing Dynasty. The open terrain and the beautiful river are suitable for the people to grow crops and survive.But at that time, due to constant wars and heavy taxes in his court, it was no use to plant several acres of good farmland, which could not support a family.This is an old photo of the gate tower of the Western Han Gate in Taiyuan in the late Qing Dynasty. There were two gates in taiyuan Building at that time. The gate tower in the north is called Fucheng Gate, which is also commonly known as the Xichan Gate in this old photo.As a matter of fact, xihanmen is rich in aquatic plants, with neighboring Mahe and Heilongtan, which is not the arid land people think.The picture shows the scene of the streets around the south gate of Taiyuan in the late Qing Dynasty. The streets in the old photo are not crowded with people, but full of low houses and withered old trees, which shows the backward scene of Taiyuan 100 years ago. It can be seen that this place is not a prosperous area.But now Taiyuan is developing rapidly, and its bustling scene has long been different.These are the twin pagodas of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province in the late Qing Dynasty. It is reported that the twin pagodas of Taiyuan were originally named Wenxuan Pagoda, which were built during the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty.The twin towers in Taiyuan, 50 meters apart, face each other in the shape of north and south.The north tower is built with plain brick, the tower body is decorated with glass cutting edge, a gorgeous color, is not rare in ancient times sculpture art.

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