Rizhao: Make overall plans to attract, cultivate and use all kinds of talents to provide a solid talent guarantee to realize the wonderful butterfly change in Rizhao

In the morning of February 17, Rizhao Municipal Party Committee talent Work conference was held, studying and implementing general Secretary Xi Jinping’s new ideas, new strategies and new measures on talent work, comprehensively implementing the spirit of the Talent work conference of the Central and provincial Party Committees, and studying and arranging the talent work of Rizhao.Zhang Hui, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and made a speech. Li Zaiwu, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over the meeting. Wang Bin, chairman of the Municipal CPPCC, Gao Jie, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and Wang Xinsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee attended the meeting.Lady zhang pointed out that in recent years, the municipal party committee continuously strengthen and improve the working talent of leadership, adhere to high, pay attention to innovation, work pattern of party supervision over personnel constantly optimized, talent team size quality continues to improve, continuously optimize talent system and service security, the talent development of leading role achievements, significant results were obtained in personnel work in the city.At present, Rizhao has embarked on a new journey of socialist modernization in an all-round way, and is in the critical period of promoting splendid butterfly transformation.The whole city must attach great importance to talent work, regard talent as the “golden key” to solve all kinds of bottlenecks, constantly shape new advantages of talent work, and strive to win the initiative in the development competition.Lady zhang stressed that do a good job in the new era of rizhao talent to adhere to xi jinping, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, fully implement xi general secretary of the new idea of talents work new strategic move, adhere to the party supervision over personnel, vigorously implement the strategy of innovation xing city, according to the “innovation can lead fu, industry, overall promote, optimize service” the idea,Focus on building attract and gather talent platform, focus on the development of ecological optimization of high quality talents, deepen reform of mechanism of system of talent development, focus on building large scale, reasonable structure, excellent quality of modern talented person troop, to write a new chapter to provide modern coastal city wonderful butterfly become solid talent base and strategic support.Zhang Hui stressed, to establish a scientific view of talent, adhere to the “insist castle peak do not relax”, based on sunshine reality, follow the rules of talent work, seek truth from facts, both spell policy, more spell service;Both heavy investment attraction, more heavy talent attraction;We should not only attract talents, but also train and employ them, so as to ensure the right direction of our work in the new era.We will focus on bringing in and cultivating industrial leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs, young people, highly skilled personnel, and overseas personnel in an all-round way. We will make coordinated efforts to attract, cultivate, and use all types of personnel to truly make human resources the source of vitality for urban development and progress.We need to accelerate the development of high-end platforms for attracting and gathering talents, with emphasis on the development of platforms for high-end talent gathering, cooperation between universities and enterprises, and enterprise innovation, so as to provide a broad stage for talents of all kinds to play their roles.We need to deepen the reform of systems and mechanisms for talent development, improve mechanisms for more effective talent management and use, more flexible talent evaluation and incentive mechanisms, smoother talent flow mechanisms, and more thoughtful talent service mechanisms, so as to unleash the creativity and innovation of talents of all types.We should adhere to the principle that the Party is in charge of personnel, tighten the responsibility chain, increase input and guarantee, further create an atmosphere of loving talent, effectively transform the Party’s political advantages into advantages in talent development, constantly create a new situation in talent work, and welcome the 20th CPC National Congress with excellent achievements.Li Zaiwu said in the chair, the municipal party committee held a high-level talent meeting, fully reflects the innovation to revitalize the city, especially to strengthen the talent innovation.All levels and departments should understand and grasp talent work in the new era from an overall and strategic perspective and shoulder their responsibilities proactively.We need to focus on key areas, make concerted efforts, promote integrated progress, refine and break down tasks, and nail down the implementation spirit.We must adhere to the principle of “striving for the best and seizing the best”, vigorously carry forward the work style of “strict, careful, practical and fast”, act quickly and get to the bottom, and make new achievements in talent work.At the meeting, leaders of Donggang District, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Shandong Port Group Rizhao Port Group Co., LTD., Rizhao Talent Group made exchange speeches, rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone, municipal Education Bureau, municipal human resources and social Security Bureau and other five units made written exchanges.The meeting will be held by video.Standing Member of municipal Committee of CPC, Deputy leader of municipal Talent Work Leading Group, Deputy Director of office, responsible comrade of Municipal Intermediate Court and Municipal Procuratorate;The main leaders of relevant departments and units directly under the municipal government, the leaders of national and provincial departments and units and enterprises stationed in Rizhao attended the meeting in the main venue of Rizhao.Each district, county and functional area has its own meeting place.(Rizhao Newspaper all media reporter Wang Xia report)

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