What’s new in Liaoning!Daehan Sishi hammer, Kim Kim recovery smooth, actively signing the third outside, signing a new trainer

Recently veteran reporter Liang Jiasuo updated his knowledge of the latest developments, which are about Liaoning.The first is Han Dejun the third stage is certainly able to play.In fact, in the family photo posted yesterday, we can clearly see The figure of Han Dejun, and he is short-sleeved, and does not even have goggles, which means that Han Dejun must be engaged in training, there is no problem, he has achieved the real hammer.In addition, Zhang Zhenlin’s injury is no big obstacle, recovery is very good.In the second year of junior high school, Zhang Zhenlin showed up at the training center and practiced.In other words, There is no problem with Zhang Zhenlin.However, Zhang Zhenlin’s training is only strength training, it is estimated that a few days later, Zhang Zhenlin can completely recover.In addition, the third foreign aid is also a point of concern.To quote: the club is strictly confidential about foreign aid from top to bottom and I can’t really say much.It has been reported that Liaoning is trying out Wilson, but it is not clear whether he will be signed.Anyway, Liaoning is actively signing a third foreign aid, which is satisfied for fans.With only these two foreign players, the pressure will be very big, of course Liaoning knows that they have been spending a lot of money in the last few years in the hope of winning the championship.Finally on the picture of Liaoning, we have clearly seen Wallace appeared in the team, that is to say, Wallace has officially joined the Liaoning.Wallace is a trainer, and is very knowledgeable about the training of the defensive line.Let’s see if we can make some changes for Ferg after joining Liaoning.After all, As long as Ferg against Guangdong will pull the hip, if this point can not rise, for Liaoning as a whole will be very big pressure.

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