White Cow town: visit key households in snowy days precise help warm people’s hearts

Dengzhou Network on January 23, the earth after the snow cold hit people, in order to timely and effectively prevent, respond to climate change caused by the people’s living difficulties and emergencies, Bainiu Town Party Committee and government carefully deployed, quickly organized personnel strength, visited all over the poverty alleviation households, the third class households and low-income families basic production and living situation,We will pay close attention to the impact of rain and snow on basic production and daily life, such as housing and drinking water.Plan carefully and act quickly.After receiving the notice from the superior department, the town party committee and government attached great importance to it, and immediately organized the village branch secretary to hold a meeting to prevent low-temperature rain and snow freezing disaster.The meeting stressed that we should attach great importance to, take active actions and work hard to do a good job in the village (community) investigation, and ensure that the bottom count is clear, the situation is clear, early discovery and timely assistance.Clear division of labor, strengthen coordination and cooperation.On January 23, white cow town party committee government jurisdiction all help responsible for sympathy support, clear by helping those responsible responsible for its BangFuHu, village cadres to help low-income families to carry out the screening action, understanding of poverty, three types of households and the actual situation of low-income families, to their homes, drinking water safety hidden trouble and the breeding and planting industry affected by the condition of illness,To guide the masses in preventing snow disasters.We will strengthen our sense of responsibility and promote the implementation of our work.Ensuring people’s safety and warmth in winter is a major livelihood issue that concerns the vital interests of millions of families.Bainiu Town Party Committee government emergency purchase of noodles, oil and other condolence materials, in-depth difficulties of the people, carry out condolence activities and problem investigation.So far, we have visited 187 poverty-stricken households, third-class households and low-income households, and visited 133 poverty-stricken households.This visit to the condolence activities, so that people in need in this cold season feel the thick warmth, Bainiu Town Party Committee and government will continue to carry out investigation, to ensure that all people can warm winter, peace of mind.

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