Moncler China official website apology

Moncler’s Official website in China recently issued an apology, saying that the brand had recently suffered a highly sophisticated cyber attack, and that some personal and commercial data had been leaked.The cyber attack was discovered on December 22, Moncler said in its announcement.The company has put in place appropriate security measures, but some personal and business data has been leaked.This could include personal user data owned by the brand, so there could be a risk of identity theft and fraud attempts.Moncler said it was deeply sorry for the incident and had reported the incident to the police and Italian data protection authorities.According to its website, Moncler was founded in 1952 in France and headquartered in Milan, Italy. Moncler is a luxury clothing brand focusing on professional outdoor sports equipment. Its products include down jackets, coats, hoodies, windbreakers, jackets, sweaters, shirts and so on.Source | China news network client producer | | Deng Yuan audit Ding Yang edit | Xu Haiting

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