The Internet said that 28 Chongming people escaped to Jiangsu in a container?Department of rumors

Today (April 7), 28 People from Chongming, Shanghai, “escaped” to Haimen, Jiangsu province in a container.”25 were arrested and 3 escaped,” the post said, with a video embedded in the conversation claiming to show the police and those involved in the chase.Many netizens asked if it was true.In this regard, Chongming district to clarify, after verification of this situation, the network legend law for rumors.The person who posted the rumor is under further investigation.A video of a Shanghainese man jumping from a ship to Haimen has also circulated online.After verification, the people in the video are the sailors stranded in haimen Yangtze River anchorage, not the people leaving Shanghai.At present, the identity of two rumor mongers involved in the rumor has been verified, and five rumor mongers are under investigation.

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