Writing pen and ink like this, the most rapid progress

First of all, what is the hard pen? The hard pen means all writing pens except the writing brush. Its writing tools include pen, ballpoint pen, dipping pen, pencil, plastic head pen, bamboo pen, wooden pen, iron pen, etc. With ink as the main carrier, there are dozens or hundreds of kinds of writing skills to express Chinese characters.It is easy to carry, fast to write and widely used.Hard pen calligraphy, hard pen calligraphy and hard pen calligraphy art are three stages of hard pen calligraphy learning.Therefore, appreciate a character is hard pen calligraphy or hard pen calligraphy art, to see whether it is artistic, beautiful or not beautiful.Of course, sometimes it’s hard to tell.There is no clear boundary between hard pen calligraphy and hard pen calligraphy art. It depends on the level of the audience to judge, which rises to the category of appreciation.Learning hard pen calligraphy is not easier than learning soft pen calligraphy.For beginners, learning hard pen calligraphy, in fact, it is more necessary to master the correct practice methods, and it is more emphasized that writers should get guidance on writing methods.Without pertinence and purpose to carry out training, blind post, usually little effect.Don’t you see, many of my friends who write all day long still write disorderly and unorthodox characters?This is precisely because they are not good at writing, and they repeat and repeat the improper writing methods, and eventually they only solidify the improper methods into their own bad writing habits.Writing tools to write well, first of all, you should know the writing tools you use.At present, the mainstream hard pen calligraphy writing tools on the market are pen and pencil.Then there is the neutral pen, popularized by computer marking, and the ballpoint pen, whose writing performance is not as good as it should be, is dying.Next, I will simply start with these characteristics and compare the performance and use of several pens.In the process of hard pen calligraphy, the biggest characteristic of pencil lies in its strong expressive force.Even if it is the same pencil, different force, the color of the lines will be different shades.In other words, it can show not only changes in the thickness of the stroke, but also changes in the depth of the color.As a result, the pencil has a stronger sense of layers of strokes and can express a much richer texture than any other writing tool of its kind.However, its defects are also quite obvious.Because the process of writing is formed by sticking graphite to paper, unlike a pen, ink can not be eaten into the paper when writing.So very easy to fade, inconvenient to save.1.2 Ball-point pen – Difficult to use and can be discarded After a detailed explanation of one type of pen, the characteristics of the others will be easier to explain.Ballpoint pen most of the use of oily ink, can show the changes in the thickness of the stroke, but also to a certain extent to show the changes in the depth of color.But the reason the ink in a ballpoint pen gets to the paper is because it first gets to a little ball inside the nib.In writing, the ball rotates to bring ink to the nib and paper.The problem with this design is that the balls wear away over time, making the strokes thicker.Ballpoint pen in addition to the number of writing increases, strokes will become more and more thick, but also because of the characteristics of the oily ink itself, color is often shallow.Because ballpoint pen stroke weight and depth change is smaller than pencil, it is also relatively difficult to control.So in recent years, the ballpoint pen in the anecdotal frequency has also declined.1.3 Neutral pen — Cost-effective, easy to get, good habit writing it seems that unconsciously, the neutral pen has become a new star in the field of writing tools in recent years.Generally speaking, the neutral pen ink smooth, easy to control the weight of strokes;So it’s easy to use and easy to control.Comparatively speaking, the neutral pen is not satisfactory in that the stroke does not reflect the shade, and the thickness of the stroke changes less than the pen.Because the production process is limited, generally more than 0.5cm neutral pen core performance is weak, there is no way to write as if there is no drawing effect.This feature also limits the font size of the neutral pen, which generally produces slightly smaller characters that are not suitable for the details of a single word.Of course, its bigger advantage lies in its low price and easy access.For me, I love it because of its pleasant nickname, Gel Pen.1.4 pen — King, pick a good, familiar with it pen as a hard pen calligraphy writing tool, the status is still unshakable.The process of writing itself is the process of the writer and the writing tool running in.The pen has a long service life and has a natural advantage in the process of running in with the user.Because its penholder material is mostly metal, when using, it feels especially thick;When the pen is on the paper, there is often a kind of great sword with a lance galloping on the battlefield of pleasure.In my opinion, open-mouth pen is more flexible, so its use effect is better than that of dark tip pen. Moreover, the thick tip of dark tip pen will block the sight of the writer to some extent, so it is not easy to write.The purchase of pens this matter, the previous said ready.I would add that the pen is, in a sense, the writer’s life companion, so if you are a working friend, my advice is to try enough pens first and choose what works for you.Then, if you can afford it, buy the most expensive one.When writing, the fingers should be open and natural. Never pinch the pen tightly, but struggle hard with the pen.The reason is as the answer suggests: how do you begin to practice brush calligraphy?When the finger holds the pen, it provides only the pressure on the pen tube. In the direction perpendicular to the surface of the paper, this pressure only affects the maximum static friction force between the finger and the pen.The static friction force of the pen is sufficient to cancel out the force of gravity of the pen and the force of the paper against the pen.No matter how hard you hold the pen, it doesn’t affect the stress on the vertical surface;On the contrary, because of holding the pen too hard, writing will not be flexible enough, hard to write, the word appears stiff and no spirituality.The method of holding the neutral pen, signature pen and other water pens is basically the same as the method of holding the pencil.But because the neutral pen uses liquid capillary action to transport ink to the surface of the paper, making it easier to draw strokes, the grip of the pen can be made lighter.The second point mentioned in the picture, the statement that the index finger is bent in two parts but not in three parts can be ignored.The way you hold a pen is different from the way you hold a pencil.The difference lies in that the effective force exerted by the pencil neutral pen on the paper is perpendicular to the paper;A pen deforms the nib by pressing on the steel plate at the nib, and the ink is injected into the paper from between the steel plate.So in the process of pen writing, the effective force should be the force that causes the steel sheet to deform, not the force perpendicular to the paper surface.As the picture shows: Therefore, the main point of the pen is: the pen holder should be against the jaws;Instead of leaning on the metacarpophalangeal knuckle of the index finger as you used to when holding a pencil.The Angle between pen and paper is about 40-65 degrees.1. What should I pay attention to at the beginning of practicing Chinese characters?Answer: the most important point, you have to correct the attitude, there is no quick practice, eager to get quick results and instant benefits of the people have failed.2. How do you start writing with zero foundation?A: Buy a handy pen, buy a meter type book, choose a favorite type card.Here are the details: although good readers do not choose a pen, but the new person or obediently to choose a handy pen, otherwise it is trouble;Whether it is pen, neutral pen, pencil can be;Trust me, a good pen will make you love writing. I won’t plant grass for you here, but I’ll write about choosing a pen in the future.Book, buy rice character case or tian character case, begin to practice words must be honest in the grid to write, those gods are so over;At the stationery store, I bought one for each calligraphy book and found the most suitable one for myself.The choice of copybook, because everyone is not calligraphy professional, there is not so much attention, whether it is ancient paste or contemporary calligrapher copybook, is a good model, it is recommended to choose the ancient brush small print copybook.3. How to post?Answer: do not suggest to take transparent paper to copy above all, the fact proves to have little effect.My approach is to put the letters on the copybook m son Gerry (word app also to take some books with grid, some mobile phones with grid), then in your own word book to imitate the words on the copybook, try to make the size and location of the strokes are consistent, each practice hundreds of times every word (ace is thousands of times), then change a word written (even if) don’t like also want to change,Wait to write a copybook, and then continue to start from the beginning, so repeatedly, until do not look at the copybook, also can write each word like success.Also note that practice is not as good as practice, don’t try so hard to finish all the words all at once.A b two people practice at the same time, a fine face 100 words, far better than b thick face 1000 words, even if a 900 words did not face, but write up will be better than B.For a long time, hard pen calligraphy did not receive enough attention.Lead to dull structure, dull glyph, no aesthetic copybook can also be hugely popular.Novice failed to understand the aesthetic taste of calligraphy, on the trade rushed into the bookstore to choose the copybook, it is not the best policy.To be sure, there are respectable masters in the world of hard writing.But in fact, even now, compared with traditional brush calligraphy, few people in the calligrapher circle pay attention to hard brush calligraphy.In the past 20 years, the manufacturing technology of neutral pen has developed rapidly, while in China, the more anticipated pen manufacturing technology has hardly made any breakthrough.This regrettable fact also shows the contempt of all parties in the industry in the face of hard pen calligraphy on the other hand.At the same time, the pen production technology has not been a breakthrough, so that traditional calligraphers believe that the hard pen does not have enough expressive force to help calligraphers achieve their artistic pursuit.Therefore, there are no more calligraphers willing to devote themselves to the field of hard pen calligraphy for further research.

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