Keep safety tips in mind when traveling in snow

With the coming of winter, more snowy weather;The temperature is low, the line of sight is poor, for the friends who travel, the snow driving must pay attention to safety, here I share some snow travel tips for you:Remove snow from Windows and mirrors if you are parked outside, there is a good chance that the snow has melted into your car. Make sure you clean the Windows and mirrors before driving.Especially if there is ice, it must be removed and cleaned.In the meantime, be prepared and don’t be nervous.Start steady, slow speed snow day driving is actually a principle, is to “steady”, mainly reflected in, when you start to steady, slowly force, uniform start, slow acceleration, driving process do not accelerate too fast or emergency braking, turning is to slow, to prevent the car drifting sliding.Make sure you stay away from snow roads that are much more slippery than normal, especially icy roads.Be sure to keep a proper distance and have a good buffer zone to avoid accidents when braking.In some sections, need to brake, need to judge in advance, prepare in advance, so as not to panic.Parking note: don’t under the tree of bending or other buildings snowy parking actually also is very exquisite, especially the outdoor parking lot, it is important to note that the surrounding trees or other cover, if too much snow, bending, ramshackle cases, you don’t stop to here, it is easy to drop down trees or clutter parts of your car.The event will run from February 4, 2022 to February 7, 2022

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