Li Yuchun shimei back to B station, the fifth day of the year to open the first show, had with Lin Junjie on the same stage full of cards

This time we are going to talk about the anchor, really is a big head, she is the two dimensional anchor Natto Nado.Speaking of Natto, there should be many friends are more familiar with.Previously, she was a two-yuan representative anchor of a fish, but was taken off the air in mid-January.It has been officially announced that it will return to station B and debut on February 5, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year.Natto’s debut show will be different. It will take the form of a concert.It is also a great pleasure to hear natto’s New Year’s concert during the lunar New Year season.Fans who know Natto will not be surprised by the word “comeback.”Because Natto was the anchor of STATION B before, she was one of the three pillars of the original station B live broadcast area, known as “the first sister of station B live broadcast area”.During the years of leaving B station, Natto developed very well and released many original works and original songs, which won numerous awards.Natto also held several offline fan meetings and maintained a very close relationship with her fans, with a large number of male and female iron fans.Let’s talk about Natto’s relationship with celebrities.The reason why Natto is called Li yuchun’s younger sister is that she also graduated from sichuan Conservatory of Music and is very good at singing.Since her debut, Li yuchun has maintained a high level of popularity and is an absolute a-list celebrity in the entertainment industry.Natto herself has said many times that she likes Li yuchun very much. She thinks Chunchun has both moral integrity and talent, and hopes that she can become an excellent singer like her.In recent years, Natto has also performed with the king of pop, Jj Lin, which has increased her popularity.Now the development of B station is becoming stronger and stronger, it is estimated that after Natto returned to his old club, he should have more opportunities to share the stage with stars to expand his influence.But it is a pity that natto’s style has changed.Natto was also a number one player of Swordnet 3 before, but now he doesn’t spend much time playing the game, mainly singing, chatting and playing casual games.Indeed, if Natto is to change, it will have to change its livestreaming style.For the general transformation process, you can actually refer to Von Timmer, and finally realize the transformation from anchor to star.Natto likes to share her daily routine with her fans, such as teasing and complaining, so the quirky little sister is very attractive to her fans.It’s been more than 20 days since Natto went off the air, and she sure has a lot to say to her fans right now.Therefore, natto’s first concert at B station is very worthy of our expectation.I wonder what kind of fun Natto has to share with us?February 5th 8:00 PM we will be there or see each other!

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