The sixth COVID-19 prevention and control press conference was held in Jining

On the afternoon of April 5, the Information Office of Jining Municipal Government held the sixth press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control work.Jining city vice mayor and communist party as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and the economic operation work leading group (headquarters) deputy team leader, director of the office of jining city epidemic prevention and control work of the latest report to the white peace and the next step work measures, jining Wang Lianshun, deputy director of the party committee of the centers for disease control and prevention, jining city bureau of agriculture rural party member and deputy director of the PLC,Du Wei, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of Jining Big Data Center, answers questions from journalists on alleviating psychological pressure, ensuring agricultural production and big data application during the epidemic.Since the outbreak of this round, Jining city has resolutely implemented the overall strategy of “preventing import from abroad and preventing rebound from within”. Under the careful guidance of the provincial expert group, Qufu city has effectively and orderly handled the epidemic, and the city’s epidemic prevention and control work is stable and controllable.From 00:00 to 24:00 on April 4, there were no new local confirmed cases or asymptomatic infected persons in Jining.As of midnight on April 5, one confirmed case and one asymptomatic infected person had been reported in Jining city since the outbreak of the epidemic. All of them are under isolation and medical observation in designated medical institutions.Medical treatment.Adhere to the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, according to the disease treatment, timely adjustment of diagnosis and treatment plans, scientific and personalized treatment.Both patients are in stable condition and are emotionally stable.Nucleic acid testing.As of 24:00 on April 4, Qufu city completed the sixth round of regional nucleic acid tests, the results were negative.The seventh round of nucleic acid tests has been launched in Qufu city since midnight on April 5.”Three districts” adjusted the control situation.From 12 o ‘clock on April 5, Qufu city demarcated 92 sealed control areas, 71 control areas, sealed control areas and areas outside the control area are classified as prevention areas.We will fully understand the individual needs of special groups such as elderly people living alone, pregnant women and newborns, and make it convenient to purchase daily necessities, medicines and medical services for patients. We will set up special psychological counseling lines 12355 and 3165837, and do our best to ensure services in the sealed and controlled areas.Professional disinfection teams will be set up to carry out all-round disinfection in key places regularly without dead spots, and secure the supply of anti-epidemic barrier materials.To guarantee the daily necessities of qufu residents, 30,895 packages of life packages have been transported to Qufu in total. The following will be timely allocation of living materials according to the demand, to maximize the protection of the people’s living needs.At present, Qufu city grain, oil, meat, vegetables, eggs, milk and other necessities of life supplies sufficient reserves.Stable production and supply of agricultural products.Set up a leading group to ensure stable production and supply of agricultural products, strengthen deployment arrangements, and clarify the four key tasks of ensuring production and supply capacity of agricultural products, unblocking distribution channels for agricultural products, strengthening quality and safety supervision, and strengthening market monitoring and early warning during the epidemic.Establish an emergency support mechanism, and formulate an Emergency Plan for Stable Production and Supply of Agricultural products during COVID-19 in Jining City.Establish daily scheduling system, find out the bottom number, provide strong data support for the city’s stable production of agricultural products.Big data application.We have developed a mobile app for “economic and timely prevention and control”, set up an “all-in-one” platform for epidemic prevention and control, built a command and dispatching platform for epidemic prevention and control, established a city-wide nucleic acid test comparison database, and vigorously promoted “location code” to ensure the safety and smooth flow of epidemic prevention and control networks. The role of big data in empowering epidemic prevention and control has achieved initial results.Jining city will continue to implement the provincial party committee “5 + 1” work requirements, focus on multidisciplinary capable force, to provide patients, medical treatment, constantly strengthen the “three areas” service management, vigorously promoting shandong epidemic prevention and control “site code”, were MoPai earnestly into the economic return, continue to pay special attention to the prevention and control measures to carry out the land, to safeguard the city’s stabilizing the situation of the epidemic prevention and control.

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