American truckers want to emulate their Canadian counterparts in a nationwide protest, with strong support from the right

Truckers protest against mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 in Ottawa, Canada, February 8, 2022.Canadian truck drivers have been protesting against the vaccine mandate for half a month, with demonstrators blocking the largest trade route between Canada and the United States.Several convoys of US truckers have announced plans to stage nationwide protests early next month, a move backed by right-wing US politicians including Donald Trump.A trucker movement known as the People’s Convoy will rally in Indio, Calif., on March 4 and head to Washington to protest, organizers announced.In addition, several other teams have said they will leave California in early March.The report said it would be a “national” protest, similar to the Canadian convoys that blocked major cities with truck-dominated vehicles.The movement was initially conceived on social media platforms, where participants expressed dissatisfaction with restrictions imposed since the outbreak.Users of encrypted chat app Telegram complained about the Biden administration’s “overreach” while sharing videos and posts from Canadian trucker convoys, calling for stronger organizational and logistical support for similar operations in the United States.On February 7, Brian Blass, co-leader of the US team, announced the launch in a social media post saying “CAN’t wait to see you in California”.The convoy was reportedly protesting against vaccination and mask mandates, in line with demands from right-wing political groups.While the motorcade protests claim to be “nonpartisan,” many of the participants have ties to the Republican Party or the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, according to a Politico analysis.”We welcome the Freedom Caravan with open arms,” former US President Donald Trump said in a statement on his organization’s website on Thursday, denouncing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “crazy.”Earlier, the people’s Caravan organisers said they were working with two groups, Freedom Fighter Nation and Restore Liberty.A video posted on Twitter shows Freedom Fighter Nation founder Dundas speaking on the eve of the “Capitol Hill riots,” calling on Trump supporters to kill those who “help foreign governments sabotage the 2020 presidential election.”The motorcade protests have also drawn the attention of more extremist groups, including white supremacists.The trucker protests have become a model for similar movements in North America, Europe and Australia and New Zealand.Similar protest groups from across the EU are expected to arrive in Brussels on February 14 local time to rally against the authorization of masks and vaccines, Politico said.Protests by truckers in Canada have blocked access to the U.S. -Canada border, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Wednesday, Reuters reported.The Ambassador Bridge, which was blocked by protests on Tuesday night, connects Windsor, Canada, to Detroit, the U.S. And is an important transportation route for Detroit automakers and agricultural products.Bank of Canada Governor James McClem called for a quick resolution.He warned that prolonged port closures, in the context of tight global supply chains, would exacerbate the adverse effects on the domestic economy.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)

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