Hefeng county city water suspension notice

Due to the sudden snowstorm on February 6, many power supply lines were affected, and the bajiaohe water intake pump station was without power and could not supply water.Water cut off range: the city water cut off time: February 7 12:00 noon — 17:00 PM.Due to increased unforeseeable factors due to weather conditions, there may be delays or early water supply.Sweet prompt: Units and users with secondary water supply equipment are requested to turn off the power supply and main valve during water shutdown, and then open it after water is switched on. In addition, each user is requested to turn off water valve and faucet to avoid unnecessary losses to users when water is switched on.Please understand the inconvenience caused to the majority of water users!Person in charge: Chen Qingyun 15572403616 Hefeng County Water Supply Company February 7, 2022 Cloud Enshi report (Hefeng Tonglian reporter Ma Shiwei)

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