The Chinese women’s football team beat The Japanese team in the semi-final is worth learning

In the early morning of February 4, 2022, it is expected that many people are still awake. They all hold their breath and stare at the screen. After sighing for a long time, they burst out in the sound of “Wow”, relieving the anger accumulated since the night of the first day of the first lunar month.Yes, there was something exciting today, the Chinese women’s football team beat the Japanese women’s football team in the semi-final of the Asian Cup. It was a hard win, but it was a win.Here’s how it happened: China was down by one with 119 minutes left in the first half, and even when it seemed hopeless, the Roses didn’t give up and advanced to the final with a penalty shootout winner.We cheer in pride, not only for sonorous roses fighting spirit moved.The first is the spirit of not getting discouraged. After beating their opponents 2-1 in the preliminary round of the 2016 Olympic Games, they suffered four consecutive defeats. Then they met Japan, the former world champion and reigning Asian Cup champion.But sonorous roses are not discouraged, dare to fight dare to fight, this spirit is worth our learning.The first half grain does not receive, if change do some foot, estimate do not want to play go down.But they kept on fighting and never gave up until the end.We put ourselves in the situation to think about, if a student usually results is not how, and then do papers to do the front several questions are not, and the students around the results are very good, do the problem brush fast, at this time is discouraged to give up or struggle?Think of our women’s football girls encountered difficulties, they are so difficult, the score is behind, the opponent is strong, still try to refueling, we should not meet some difficulties directly back down.Then the team and strategy of the roses played well, goalkeeper Zhu Yu also played very well, into the penalty shootout, you can imagine how much pressure she faced, finally to help the team to win this semi-final.At the same time, strategy is also very important, “shui” coach never water, when wang Shuang star player failed to start the first 22 seconds of the mistake, adhere to observe, and then timely adjustment in the second half, Xiao Yuyi and Zhang Rui appeared.The strategy has proved effective.Among them, Xiao Yuyi cross, let Wu Chengshu pad shot.In the penalty shoot-out final, Zhang Rui and gao Chen on 65 minutes also hit easily.Similarly, in our learning process, in addition to not getting discouraged and keeping fighting, team and strategy are also important.For example, memorizing words in the morning is better than in the sleepy noon.Mind mapping is a highly effective graphical tool for taking notes rather than memorizing them.Adhere to the combination of work and rest, more efficient than hard thinking.When reciting words, combine split association method, easy to remember.In short, must have the fighting spirit, do not be discouraged, do not give up until the end, plus pay attention to team cooperation and strategy.This fighting spirit is the women’s soccer sonorous rose winning magic weapon, but also worth our everyone to learn the spirit.

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