The new Lincoln Z leads the trend of digital experience and creates a new ecosystem of all-round intelligent vehicles

As Lincoln’s first Chinese made cars, “think tank” new Z Lincoln is a firm push the Lincoln brand localization strategy and a masterpiece, it not only refresh the Lincoln brand products intelligent new heights, and the interconnection of science and technology, human-computer interaction, intelligent digital assistants (pdas), digital, intelligent auxiliary driving experience leads the way,Build a full range of intelligent vehicle ecology, but also further enhance the core competitiveness of the brand.The spectacular panoramic screens of “parallel universes” sci-fi movies often make us fantasize about the future of technology.Now the all-new Lincoln Z makes that fantasy a reality.The 12.3-inch + 27-inch ultra large through-through panoramic screen captures Gen Z’s full attention with infinite wonderful moments.With an impressive length of 1.1 meters, the Lincoln Z offers high-definition resolution and multi-touch, allowing the driver and passenger to simultaneously immerse themselves in a “parallel universe.”The main driver and the first passenger can freely switch the screen display content according to the demand, so that the first passenger can have more sense of participation on the road.The dual-zone Bluetooth function allows passengers to independently access the passengan-passenger display through Bluetooth headphones. Whether watching videos, listening to music or immersing themselves in their own space, the panoramic screen enables Gen Z to enjoy equal and ultimate connected experience in every journey of “deep space”.Think about it. When you get into a spaceship, what attracts you most?Must be the wide expanse of stars beyond the porthole.Bright stars also gave Lincoln designers unlimited inspiration, to the vast nebula, through the “time tunnel” move to new car, Lincoln Z in through the panoramic screen will starcraft universe mystery, deep, unpredictable perfect deduce, create new Lincoln nebula ® human-computer interaction interface, let its like have clever life, creating unparalleled visual enjoyment and interactive experience.With the support of the Lincoln Nebula ®, the features of the through-through panoramic screen are presented in different forms of starry elements, light years away, at your fingertips.The Lincoln Nebula ® human-computer interface has a brilliant nebula-like dynamic effect, giving Gen Z a refreshing visual feel.For example, the air conditioning wind direction interface is brilliantly demonstrated with fluid creative aesthetics. The tachometer and speedometer under the three driving modes (sport, standard and energy saving) have apertures just like the planetary belt around the solar system. The vehicle icon after opening the adaptive cruise is just like the spacecraft wandering in the stars, which is intuitive and easy to use and beautiful.The moon and the stars of the Lincoln Nebula ® are accompanied by wisdom, and a bright moon is accompanied by Gen Z.In eastern cultures, the moon holds a special place, and is associated with countless legends and traditional festivals.People sustenance of the most emotional planet is also the moon, it symbolizes a complete and romantic, from “looking up the moon” to “the end of the world at this time”, representing people’s yearning for a better life.In the fourth-generation Lincoln SYNC+ Zhixing interconnection system mounted on the new Lincoln Z, American luxury and Oriental culture are innovated and integrated through the new intelligent digital assistant, enabling Gen Z to imagine personified and scene-oriented intelligent interactive experience.Inspired by the moon and tailored for Chinese customers, the intelligent digital assistant complements the starry elements of Lincoln Nebula ® to display the moon’s waxing and waning, presenting a beautiful Oriental aesthetic.Intelligent digital assistant has powerful intelligent AI voice interaction function, realizing natural semantic recognition, making daily communication more intimate, more intelligent and more fun.When communicating with intelligent digital assistant with different semantic vertical information, it will take on different forms.When you use voice to communicate with it, it can change different personalized image according to the content of your communication, when you want to listen to music, it can change into dynamic notes;It can be an extended road when you need to navigate;When you look at a stock, it shows up as a rising arrow.In addition, the Gen Z will be able to customize the name of the intelligent digital assistant to enable personalized voice wake-up. You can even name the intelligent digital assistant “Jarvis” to get a taste of the superhero in the new Lincoln Z.As the “indigenous people” in the digital era, GEN Z customers’ requirements for intelligent screen interaction design are also advancing with The Times, and they look forward to having the same use experience as mobile terminals on car and computer screens.The Lincoln Nebula ® human-computer interaction interface adopts the Dashcard intelligent interaction design pioneered by luxury brands. The commonly used car and machine functions are presented in the form of cards. The interface can be customized according to personal preferences.In addition, the panoramic screen also gives the Lincoln Z a richer operating experience.The through-through panorama screen can realize a variety of intelligent operation modes such as full-screen, cooperative and split screen (Solo/Co-pilot/Individual). One-finger operation allows you to click and slide, two-finger operation enables you to freely zoom in and out of the map, three-finger or four-finger swipe enables you to connect the screens, and five fingers close to return to the main interface.For example, after setting up the navigation, you can freely switch between the center control and the front screen display of the first officer by scanning with three fingers in a split screen state, and the screen content can be delivered to the driver’s dashboard by sliding with four fingers. The communication between the screen and the screen, as well as the main driver and the first officer can be instantly connected by the clever gesture operation like touch magic.In addition to the wonderful intelligent interactive experience, the new Lincoln Z is also equipped with the advanced Co-Pilot 360TM 2.0 intelligent assisted driving system, which can achieve L2+ intelligent assisted driving, allowing Gen Z to travel with convenience, and safety as partners.The new Lincoln ActiveGlideTM active driver assistance, which can be used on certain roads;IACC intelligent adaptive cruise can realize Stop & Go automatic car following, LCA lane center assist, with TSR traffic sign recognition, intelligent speed limit assist and other functions;PCA collision prevention assistance system has AEB active emergency braking, FCW forward collision warning, ESA emergency collision avoidance auxiliary functions, and added left steering collision warning.New Lincoln Z to break through the imagination smart technology to define “wisdom” in the experience of the future scenario, satisfy the young man’s extreme imagination about the future product and customer experience, to strengthen the brand younger, also explained the brand “luxury has its” again the rich connotation, but also marks the Lincoln officially opened a new chapter, embrace the future more possibilities.

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