American media red eye!A Chinese satellite has caused the world to marvel after dragging another satellite to its grave

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, space-related issues have become the focus of international attention.According to US media reports on Tuesday, the Satellite shijian 21 has been sent into orbit as a “tugboat” for a failed satellite in China’s Beidou navigation system.After the news was published by the American media, it quickly attracted extensive attention from the international community. Up to now, the authenticity of the news has not been proved.Such a move, if true, would be part of an effort to clean up “space junk” and keep the space sector safe.However, judging from the position and coverage of the US media, it is clear that the Us media intends to discredit China and publicize China’s “threat”.Claiming that China was “not transparent enough” in space and might use that capability to take other actions that would “threaten” U.S. security interests.China’s Shijian 21 satellite approached a defunct Beidou-2 navigation satellite on Wednesday, the report said.After a close maneuver, the satellite disappeared from orbit for a few hours, and when the satellite was located later, it was found that the failed satellite had fallen out of geosynchronous orbit and entered a “graveyard orbit.”Meanwhile, us media reported that the Chinese satellite is now able to separate from the Beidou satellite and return to low Earth orbit.These operations would require the same capabilities as in-orbit assembly and manufacturing, and there is now an aggressive push by European countries and the United States to develop technology in related areas.In fact, the US media has mentioned a similar unexpected situation before. A US satellite tried to conduct close reconnaissance on China’s communication satellite, but the satellite quickly avoided it.Trying to drum up the “China threat” is a difficult set of actions that experts say are detected by American satellites and then calibrated to take swift action to evade American satellites.The us frequently makes such reports with the main purpose of trumpeting the so-called “China threat theory” so as to persuade more countries to restrict and suppress China.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian has made it clear that China is committed to the peaceful use of outer space in the spirit of promoting the well-being of all mankind and is open to the principles of peaceful use, equal use and common development.Cooperation and exchange.We hope to work with other countries to push for new achievements in the space industry and promote the peaceful development of mankind to new heights.Source of partial information: Privy Council No. 10

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