Famous Russian ice hockey player: China’s ice hockey development prospects are broad, there will be talent

China has a reasonable policy to develop winter sports, which has been proved by the success of Chinese athletes in the Beijing Winter Olympics, Russian ice hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov said in an interview with Russian media on February 19.”Beijing has made great preparations for the Winter Olympics, inviting the best coaches from all over the world and setting up many training centers.China will also provide ice sports for 300 million people, which is impressive.It is a very wise national move.”Fetisov believes that Chinese athletes have good growth prospects in a number of sports.He concluded: “Aerials, speed skating, figure skating, skiing, China has set targets to achieve results in these sports.They have no problem working hard and are well organised.As for ice hockey, Russia can help China develop it.The prospects are great, the infrastructure is there, the talent is there.”

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