Luliang Network media Association recruitment notice

According to the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control, the recruitment will be postponed and the interview process will be started again. If there are any applicants who send email, we will reply in time!Specific time telephone notice!Luliang Network media Association recruitment, secretary general assistant 1, 1 clerk, 1 web editor.1. Hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China and enjoy the political rights of a citizen;2. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and love socialism;3. Abide by laws and regulations, have good conduct, can bear hardships and have the spirit of dedication;4. I, my family members and major social relations have no illegal or criminal record, and I have no record of being dismissed from public office.1. Education requirement: Bachelor degree or above;2. Major requirements: Journalism and Communication, Chinese Language and Secretary, Law, Economics and Economic Management, Computer Science and Technology;Editing and publishing, news interview and production, radio and TELEVISION journalism and other journalism and communication majors and Chinese language and literature.3. Age requirements: The age will be relaxed to 50 if you are a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) or have edited Internet new media for at least two years.4. Political firm, good moral character, careful, good at communication, diligence and dedication, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.Relevant working experience, professional ability and working experience, holding relevant professional certificate is preferred.The remuneration of the hired personnel shall include basic salary + performance + social security, etc., and they shall enjoy relevant insurance according to national regulations.Contact number: 0358-8497773 Contact person: Ms. Ma 15235879883 Email: Address: Next to 209 National Road, Shui Shui Village, Lishi District, Luliang City (4th floor, Office of Luliang Network Association)Luliang Network Media Association April 2022

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