Super 4 news!Aishen want to return to the Super, Li Zhangzhu entered Shenzhen, shenhua coach in Greece

Today is February 12th, the 12th lunar month, the rules continue to bring you the latest 4 news about CSL!The first news, about naturalized player Akerson!According to media person Li Xuan’s news, Aiksen wants to return to the Super league to play football, may also return to the Super League!According to ESPN’s Jorge Nicola in Brasilia, Akesson is still waiting for an offer from the Chinese team, although he has been linked with a number of Teams in Brazil.The reporter revealed that Akessen is waiting for an offer from a Chinese club before returning to serie A.It is clear that Essien wants to return to play in the Chinese Super League, which is why he has been linked with a number of Teams in The Bundesliga, but he has not made a final decision.At present, the transfer window of CSL is not closed, so we do not rule out the possibility of a Chinese team signing Akessen!As a well-known reporter of football newspaper, Li Xuan also expressed a similar meaning, that is Aiksen is indeed likely to return to the Chinese Super League!Once Aishen returned to the super words, then will be more able to help the national football team!Do you expect it?Second news, about Lee Jang-soo!February 12, shenzhen team officially announced that Li Zhangzhu as the team’s head coach!According to the report of reporter fengzhen, actually as early as last year, Li Zhangzhu talked with Shenzhen team basically!The reporter revealed that in December last year, Li Zhangzhu came to Guangzhou to sell a house, at the same time contact with the Shenzhen team, talked about everything, so now the official announcement Li Zhangzhu entered the Shenzhen team, does not let a person surprise!After all, as early as 1998, Li Zhangsoo came to Coach the Chinese league. Over the years, he has also coached many big teams in China, such as Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou Evergrande.For Li Zhangzhu in shenzhen team, Fengzhen said, shenzhen team’s choice is good, Chinese football now needs a South Korean coach, honest to the most basic spiritual level of things out!Do you agree with this?The third news, about the former Shenhua coach Poyet!Poyet has been appointed coach of the Greek national team, according to the official announcement of the Greek Football Association.Uruguay coach Poyet, 54, has been appointed coach of the Greek national team, Greek officials announced on Friday.Poyet is understood to be in charge of Greece until the end of 2023, with an option to extend his contract, but details have not been announced.For Poyet, Chinese fans are not unfamiliar, because he once coached the super league giants Shanghai Shenhua!Poyet said he was delighted to be in charge of Greece, a team that has won the European Championship and played in many finals, and he would like to work with them in the future.Do you have anything to say about Poyet in charge of Greece?The fourth news, about Meng Taiyi!Former Shandong Taishan player Meng Taiyi has officially become the deputy general manager of jinan Xingzhou, according to the club’s announcement.Meng Taiyi, 41 years old, started his career in Taishan, Shandong province, and scored the first goal for Taishan after tutubikovic’s coaching.Last season, the 40-year-old Meng Taiyi also helped Jiancheng Weiye to win the champion of Qingdao First Class League, and helped post and Telecommunications to break into the top 4 of Qingdao senior league over 40 years old group!However, for Meng Taiyi this name, including shandong Taishan fans, may have some strange!In fact, Meng Taiyi formerly known as Meng Yao, but changed his name, he is really the name of Shandong Taishan!As for Jinan Xingzhou, it is a new team established in 2013. Last season, the team won the championship with 11 consecutive wins and was promoted to the second division.So, Taishan famous hotel to become the second promotion of the deputy general horse, is really worth looking forward to things.What do you think about that?

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