Wang Shuang, your younger brother and sister sent you a “letter”.

“Wang Shuang sister, 20 years ago you in this football field hard training, training indomitable fighting spirit, you are our example, but also our west street primary school pride!”On the afternoon of February 8, the students of wuhan football team began their first training of the New Year on the green field of jiangjingyuan Campus of Wuhan Xidajie Primary School.Before the training, the children gathered around a group, chattering about the performance of senior student Wang Shuang in winning the Asian Cup two days ago, and at the scene of “Shouting words from a distance”, sent a video letter for senior student Wang Shuang.”Sister Wang Shuang is diligent, self-disciplined and never give up, which is the spiritual strength you left us. Every summer and winter vacation, our football team and track and field team insist on training.Only by persisting in training can we realize our dreams like you and win glory for our country!”Looking at the camera, MAO Fanglin and Xiao Muyan, two students in grade two of the school, said.The school five (5) class Chen Junyu students, also wang Shuang sister expressed their worship: “Wang Shuang sister, you play too badly, you are my idol, I hope you get more champions in the future!”Zhong Qing, the second (8) student of the school, said that wang Shuang’s teacher was now her own teacher, and she would work hard towards her dream just like Wang Shuang.After the training, the students of the football team praised the Chinese women’s football team and invited Wang Shuang to return to his Alma mater: “Congratulations on the Chinese women’s football team winning the championship bravely, and congratulations on Wang Shuang’s new achievements!Wang Shuang elder sister, we wait for you to return west big, wait for you to return hanyang, we celebrate for you!”In the afternoon, Sun Liqin, the director of the class of Wang Frost Primary School, also sent blessings to Wang Frost.”From the TV, we are very happy and proud to see the Chinese women’s football team winning the Asian Cup.”Sun Liqin said that in her impression, Wang Shuang is a very talented little girl who loves football and dares to fight in school training. She hoped that she could lead The Chinese women’s football team to achieve better results in the future.(Xiang Yifan, extreme news reporter)

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