Zhuzhou fire department carried out a comprehensive fire safety inspection of epidem-related sites

Massachusetts time on April 6 – (correspondent Zeng Liyun) “at the time of inspection, found just piled up evacuation channels in the epidemic prevention materials, according to the regulation of hereby any units and individual cannot, block, closed the evacuation passageway, also need to pay attention to is alcohol, detergent and other inflammable and explosive epidemic prevention supplies store is safe, these must be attention.”In order to do a good job of fire safety management during the epidemic prevention and control period, and further improve the fire prevention capacity of epidems-related sites, zhuzhou fire rescue detachment recently conducted fire safety inspection of the city’s epidemic prevention and control vaccination sites, designated hospitals, isolation hotels and other places.Inspection of street health service centers.”The quarantine hotel is different from other hotels, because due to the requirements of quarantine, only one exit can be used to enter and exit, and hotels are advised to post evacuation diagrams in a prominent position in each room,”Inspection process, the fire supervisors in well under the premise of personal protective measures, in-depth each checkpoint, combined with related disease place fire risk characteristics, the field looked at each unit safety and evacuation channels unblocked, fire control facilities equipment are in good condition and effective emergency response plans are formulated, etc., and ask for details of the used in various places, the kinds of disinfectantGuide the matters needing attention in use and storage method.In view of the problems found, inspection group has been clear about the rectification opinions on the spot, and emergency preplan of the plague for the guidance advice, to the point, important position, head of the personnel to explain in detail the operation method of indoor fire hydrant, fire extinguishers, fire when how to save from beginning of fire, how to escape of evacuation practical fire control knowledge training.In dragon well street health services center, white stone port health service centers and other places of vaccination, fire safety supervisor know about fire safety manager ask unit interior fire safety patrol inspection system, safety protection disinfection measures, xiaosha goods storage and attendant management way, if there were any irregularities in the fire, electricity, and so on and so forth.Patrol vaccination sites.Special period, the team also through WeChat video, text messages, phone to remind, urge the social unit to carry out the practitioners fire education training, personnel management alcohol, disinfectant and epidemic prevention depots on fire control safety, strictly implement the “three independent LiangGongKai a commitment” and “six plus one” measures to advance the standardization management of fire control room,We will strengthen the primary responsibility of social units.Up to now, the detachment has dispatched 156 inspection teams and 402 fire and rescue workers, inspected 53 centralized isolation points, designated hospitals, vaccination points, nucleic acid testing points, and production and storage enterprises of epidemic prevention materials, urged the rectification of 205 fire hazards, and provided remote service and guidance for 274 times.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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