A financial consumption protection network, protect consumers “money bag” security

With the support of Internet technology, the relationship between finance and consumers has become increasingly close, and the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests has become an important daily work.With March 15 approaching, the promotion of financial consumption has reached its peak this year.Reporter recently from the People’s Bank of China nanjing branch, jiangsu silver protects inspect bureau, jiangsu securities regulatory bureau, and other financial regulators, according to the financial consumers’ rights and interests protection in our province this year propaganda will be sent to you by oath “cloud”, live interviews, micro movies, comics, radio programs, a variety of forms such as community popular science to further enhance the financial consumers’ rational consumption risk consciousness and responsibility consciousness,We will improve the quality of services provided by financial institutions.Online publicity from the beginning of the “new”, the Nanjing Branch of the People’s Bank of China, Jiangsu Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Jiangsu Consumer Protection Commission jointly developed a small program, will be officially launched from March 15 to 18.Open the “2022 Jiangsu Financial Institutions Integrity Commitment” mini program, enter the “cloud oath” page, from the independent choice, property security, informed rights and interests, fair trading, claims according to law, information security and other eight aspects, to financial consumers to promise.”The launch of such a small program is to form a common voice of the whole industry, three-dimensional publicity, to show the integrity of the industry’s good image.”Pedestrian financial consumer rights and interests protection of nanjing branch said, this year with “rights, responsibility, risk” as the theme, innovation promotion ideas, multi-channel form to carry out all kinds of propaganda and education activities, multiple measures and advance from a “real” set, using new media interactive mode, practical and to allow the public to understand consumer choice, reasonable rights, the purpose of reducing financial consumption disputes.Coincidentally, Suzhou Banking and insurance supervision bureau also launched banking and insurance online knowledge contest activities, financial practitioners, consumers can be in March 14-20 in alipay “answer planet” small program to participate in the contest.Yangzhou Bank Insurance Supervision Sub-branch and People’s Bank of China yangzhou Central Sub-branch will organize “March 15 Financial Consumer Rights Day” live broadcast on March 15 for financial education and publicity.The reporter noticed that financial institutions launched a lot of online promotion of financial knowledge this year.Such as the People’s Bank of China nanjing branch according to coordinate to honour a “sleeping” 38 old CDS deeds adaptation of “gift” micro movie, Shanghai pudong development bank nanjing branch of the big show, the anti cheat fraud prevention financial knowledge series cartoon, ABC suzhou branch, creation of “a figure eight right to read the financial consumers” long figure, huaxia bank nanjing branch of the tang dynasty poetCredit consumption “cartoon pictures and other works have been promoted on new media platforms such as websites, Weibo and wechat public accounts.These publicity products have changed the form of preaching and theoretical propaganda in the past. Instead, they provide consumers with guidance and warnings on all kinds of financial consumption by interpreting the law according to the typical cases in the financial life of ordinary people.Focusing on the appeal to solve the “quality” of financial disputes, directly related to the financial consumers “money bag”.The reporter learned from Jiangsu Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau that centering on the theme of “Promoting fair sharing of digital finance among consumers” this year, it will focus on solving consumers’ demands, responding to hot concerns, and highlighting diversified solutions to key problems.At present, Jiangsu Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau strengthens the contact with the court, improves the litigation and mediation docking mechanism, synchronously promotes the online and offline mediation of disputes, and solves consumer complaints in a diversified manner.In March, the bureau will organize telephone evaluation of complaints and mediation on customer service hotlines, branch offices and industry associations within its control, urging agencies to further improve service quality and increase the satisfaction of the masses.All over also have come up with real measures.Taizhou CBRC sub-bureau focused on the prominent problems existing in the protection of consumer rights and interests, required the institution to establish a reception mechanism for responsible persons at all levels, announced the reception arrangement for consumer complaints during “March 15”, and listened to the public’s opinions and suggestions.Xuzhou silver protects inspect bureau joint public security, market supervision, the financial bureau in the facility bank insurance offices posted on the financial sector to prevent bad agent complain inform against risk further optimize the business environment of circular, released at the association of Banks, insurance, public letter to xuzhou financial consumer, lead financial consumer rights according to law built up right consciousness.In the face of investors’ demands, Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau on the one hand strict daily supervision and management, maintain the high-pressure situation of inspection law enforcement, and actively promote the pluralism of disputes to resolve.Last year, we received more than 100 visits, received more than 1,400 phone calls, and properly handled more than 1,100 complaints. 87% of the cases were settled, and nearly one-third of them were settled within seven days.Last year, the province’s first general representative litigation case sentencing, Nanjing Intermediate Court on Xu and other 4 representatives on behalf of 230 investors v. ST Huifeng Securities false statement liability dispute case sentencing, the defendant compensation for more than 87 million yuan.This is the first time for our province to publicize and implement the new securities law, implement the provisions of the special chapter on investor protection, and promote representative litigation in securities disputes.Investor education protection is a long-term job.Data show that there are 4 national-level investment and education bases and 3 provincial-level investment and education bases in our province.Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau related personage introduction, each base gives full play to the radiation role, drives to lead various market subjects under the jurisdiction, carries out international consumer rights day, 5·15 national investor protection publicity day, financial knowledge popularization month, world investor week and other activities, has achieved good social effects.Promote the base to “bigger and stronger” at the same time, promote “do fine and fine”, to create a characteristic brand jiangsu Investment education.It is reported that jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau and Jiangsu Department of Education signed a memorandum of cooperation, planning to carry out innovative knowledge of securities and futures in conditional areas;Signed memorandums of cooperation with nanjing Branch of People’s Bank of China, Provincial Public Security Department and other departments to strengthen supervision and cooperation and jointly organize and carry out publicity;Jointly issued a document with the provincial Financial Bureau and other departments, introduced and implemented ten specific measures of the new Securities Law, and promoted the implementation of the representative litigation system.Jiangsu province securities regulatory bureau officials said, we always will protect investors’ legitimate rights and interests as the starting point and foothold of work, continuously broaden the thinking, cohesion at various levels local government departments, agencies, news media, such as many resources and strength, build teaching base of jiangsu brand, promote formation of legal protection and supervision, market protection, ego to protect investor protection pattern.

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