Defeat is not the opponent

This sounds like a contradiction, is not often said to defeat the opponent?In this Winter Olympics, an athlete said in an interview with the media after winning the gold medal that he never meant to defeat his opponent, nor did he want to defeat his opponent, but regarded himself as the biggest opponent, that is, to challenge himself and make the impossible possible.For this athlete, to win the gold medal depends first of all on the results, without good results say anything is pale.In addition to his athletic performance, the most important thing for him to win is his confidence, which is not to challenge others, but to challenge himself, to pressure himself, regardless of the performance of others is to improve himself, and the goal is very clear.Later, his statement was recognized by the media and many people.Isn’t it the same in life and work?Some people are intolerant of the progress of others, unable to see the development of others, always think that others are better than them, do not see their own strengths, and always compare their own weak points with others’ strengths. In fact, there is a problem with the reference system. There is a very good saying that people are their own worst enemy.To always think of yourself as the enemy is to compare yourself with yourself and have your own goals.For example, do not look at the amount of other news reports, set a high standard for their own, a year in the central level of media hair, headlines, how much news.The goal is clear, according to this to work hard, if achieved must be very good.Of course, this goal should be realistic, neither too low easy to achieve, nor too high to achieve, jump a jump can pick the peach is very useful, is a lot of progress, but also can be brilliant.Feel the goal is not very big, if you can achieve it can masturbate to say that you got the gold medal, otherwise flipping through the newspaper you will be the most manuscripts.Some people say that individuals are in ordinary positions, engaged in ordinary work, are trivial daily work, it is difficult to improve themselves, it is difficult to excel.This is wrong again, many people are in ordinary positions to create extraordinary achievements.For example, the Courier, is not too ordinary ordinary, in the eyes of ordinary people how can such a person outstanding?Just wrong, it depends on whether there is such awareness and want to work hard, there is a Courier practice packaging, thinking about packaging, to ensure that the things delivered will not be broken, finally practice fragile goods through his packaging, dropped from the tenth floor will not be broken, this is his gold medal, the victory is also their own.Don’t stare at others and tell them what they are like. It’s theirs.Just remember that your enemy is yourself, and always think about defeating yourself, perfecting yourself, believing in yourself, and improving yourself.As long as the ability to improve, there is no worry about results, as long as the confidence is enough, there is no worry about the gold medal.On the contrary, neither others to mark the table, their own and do not work hard, always the old monk hat flat, impossible to shine, also impossible to win a medal.Who is the opponent?The opponent is oneself, defeat is not others is oneself, can defeat oneself is to improve, need will need perseverance, need sweat need wisdom, need self-reliance need confidence.The above is only a personal point of view, please correct any inappropriate.I hope I can help you and more people.Teachers and friends interested in this topic can pay attention to, can forward, can leave a message below, discuss, discuss and comment.Thank you very much!Note: the picture is from the Internet and has nothing to do with the article.

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