Get rid of male chauvinism!The men’s and women’s football teams have just paid New Year’s greetings to the whole country

Blessing video transmission domestic men’s team women’s big new led two big boss Li Xiaopeng and Mr Chen and Mr Chen Li Xiaopeng then out ShuiQingXia Wu Leijun ling filed out also has a king nova Dai Weijun frost Tang Jiali women’s ShuiQingXia in exotic women’s promotion to the Asian cup for his nation power is the hard truth to secure two negative Japan next year’s World Cup football scene play more embarrassing do the story did not dare to guarantee wins teamVietnam all women’s football women can hold up half of the sky gender equality president proposed from the men’s football ranking first to break the male chauvinism suggestion video remake women’s football men’s football big New Year’s visit first appeared shui Qingxia then men’s football coach

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