Huawei FreeBuds4 true wireless noise cancelling headphones, light and insensitive

Huawei FreeBuds 4, as a kind of comfortable noise-cancelling earphone, adopts the self-developed human ear adaptive noise-cancelling technology developed by Huawei. It can match more suitable noise-cancelling parameters according to different ear types and wearing conditions, so as to achieve better noise-cancelling effect and bring perfect sound quality.After more than ten thousand times of global 3D human ear model ergonomic simulation experiments, Huawei carried out the design of the headset body based on real data, which made it what it is today.The weight of this Huawei FreeBuds 4 earphone is only 4.1g, which is the lightest true wireless noise-cancelling earphone on the market at present. The user experience is light and insensitive, which is very suitable for going out.The horizontal aspect is also firmly handled. Under the rounded shape, there is a 14.3mm large diameter moving coil, which realizes the balanced and transparent sound quality and makes people want to listen to it again.

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