New Year’s winners and runners-up risk tips are related to the concept of the Winter Olympics!Already related stocks in advance “flameout”

By the “tuyere” of the Winter Olympics, ice dun dun, digital RMB and other related concepts of listed companies were brought to the fire and even appear “overheating” state.13 evening, many related concepts issued risk tips, to remind investors to be cautious investment.Among them, yuanlong Yatu, the licensed producer of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, has issued a notice of abnormal fluctuations in stock trading again, saying that the company’s licensed production and sales qualification is not exclusive, and the impact of the business related to the Winter Olympics on performance is uncertain;In addition, Hublot also stated that the company only generates a small amount of business income related to digital RMB, which has not yet formed a scale and has little impact on the company’s performance.Data show that since the beginning of the year of the Tiger, Huobao shares, Yuan-long Yatu interval rose 61.10% and 61.09% respectively, ranked first and second in A shares.On the evening of February 13, Yuanlong Yatu, the licensed producer of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, issued a notice on abnormal stock trading fluctuations and risk warnings.It is worth noting that, after February 9, this is the company’s second recent announcement of abnormal stock trading fluctuations.For recent market awareness of the Beijing Olympics related concept, YuanLong acto responded that at present, the games are licensed merchandise has licensed manufacturers, 29, 58 licensed retailers, company production and sales of the licensed qualification is not exclusive, company research and development production and sales of ice mound mound related games licensed products sales can heat continued uncertainty in the future.The impact of winter Olympics related business on performance is uncertain. Please take the financial data disclosed by the company as the standard. Please invest rationally and pay attention to risks.Up to now, yuanlong Yatu has designed, developed and produced more than 600 licensed products for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games, including the mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” :There are nearly 10 kinds of plush toy products, more than 10 kinds of all kinds of modeling handwork, toy decoration (blind box), crystal ball toy products, more than 50 kinds of all kinds of modeling badges, key chains, cup POTS and other products, and nearly 30 kinds of precious metal products (note: the above data does not include customized products of sponsors or partners).In the first half of 2021, Yuanlong Yatu earned 70.0738,400 yuan in licensed souvenirs and precious metals for the Beijing Winter Olympics, accounting for 7.59 percent of the operating revenue, according to the company.Yuan-long Yatu from February 7 to February 11 has been closed five consecutive daily limit.As of February 11, the company’s share price was 29.77 yuan, with A cumulative increase of 61.09% in the last five trading days, the second largest increase in A shares since the Year of the Tiger.The announcement pointed out that February 9, February 10, February 11, Yuan Long Yatu stock in three consecutive trading days closing price deviation value accumulated more than 20%, hit the abnormal volatility.A-share New Year’s rise champion tip: digital RMB business has little impact on performance superimposed favorable policies and the winter Olympics fever, A-share listed company Hublot shares out of the 10 days of 8 board prices.February 13th evening, in the presence of abnormal fluctuations in stock trading, brand equity, according to the announcement the company around digital yuan series products and solutions for the layout and technology, product reserves, and actively cooperate with the customer to carry out the pilot construction of scene, the scene to the ground and a small amount of supply, but the current digital the renminbi is still in the pilot phase,The company only generates a small amount of business income related to digital RMB, which has not yet formed a scale and has little impact on the company’s performance.Huobao revealed that the market promotion progress of its digital RMB related business will be carried out gradually in strict accordance with the national plan and the deployment of the competent authorities, and the company’s digital RMB business is still in the initial stage of development, and it is not yet able to accurately predict the growth and income scale of this business.Data show that recently, the People’s Bank of China, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the Securities Regulatory Commission issued the “14th Five-year Development Plan for Financial Standardization”, proposed to “steadily promote the development of legal digital currency standards”, and steadily promote the construction of financial technology standards.And this “financial standardization” 14th five-year Development plan “issued, put forward new requirements for the development of digital RMB standard.The operation Management Department of the People’s Bank of China held the 2022 work conference and pointed out that the digital RMB Winter Olympics scenarios pilot to achieve the full coverage of seven scenarios steadily promoted, landing about 403,000 scenarios.At the same time, since the Opening of the Winter Olympics, many people have downloaded the digital RMB APP and applied for hard wallets with cards and wristbands every day. In addition, many foreigners participating in the Winter Olympics have also participated.The Winter Olympics is becoming a new opportunity for the popularization and promotion of digital RMB.Thanks to the favorable policies, the stock price of Hublot has repeatedly hit new highs, with A cumulative increase of 61.10% since the beginning of the year of the Tiger, which is the largest cumulative increase of A shares in the same period.In terms of performance, huobao shares previously disclosed the performance forecast shows that the company is expected to ascribe to the shareholders of listed companies in 2021 net profit of 45 million ~ 67.5 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 2,509.6% ~3814.41%.The company points out that there are three main reasons for the substantial increase in performance: 1. The investment income of the joint venture Shanghai Hengyu Investment Center (limited partnership) increased year-on-year.2. In the same period of last year, the company recorded impairment of goodwill and intangible assets recognized at the time of acquisition of Shenzhen Yikayi Technology Co., Ltd. of 52,514,500 yuan and 56.198,300 yuan respectively.Shenzhen Yicai Technology Co., Ltd. is no longer included in the consolidated statements during this reporting period.3. The company’s financial management income increased year on year. This item is a non-recurring profit and loss, and its impact on net profit is about 12.00 million yuan.As of now, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is more than halfway through, how long will the popularity of related stocks last?The Times gentleman discovers, already had relevant concept stock to appear actually “flameout” phenomenon.Shares in WIC Holdings, also a licensed producer of the Beijing Winter Olympics, fell last week.Since February 7, Wen Tou Holdings for three consecutive days a word board.Shares of the company opened higher and lower on Thursday, after falling by the daily limit on Friday.Shares of the company closed down 9.74 percent at 3.52 yuan per share on Friday, with the latest market value of 6.529 billion yuan.Documents show that CTIC Holdings was founded in 1993 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1997. Its main businesses include cinema operation and management, film and television investment and development, game r&d and operation, and “culture +”.Released on February 10, article for holding the stock trading risk warning notice, the company in June 2021 signed on as Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympic games franchise manufacturers and vendors, but now, the games are derivative products are licensed manufacturers, 29, 58 licensed retailers, company production, sales, the licensed rights is not the sole authorization,And the winter Olympics derivatives sales are not the company’s main business, the future sales heat can continue, there is uncertainty.In terms of performance, THE company is not very optimistic. On January 29 this year, the company released the annual Performance loss announcement in 2021, and the net profit attributable to shareholders is expected to be -420 million yuan to -500 million yuan, compared with a loss of -3.463 billion yuan in the same period last year.In addition, some shareholders also issued a reduction announcement.Among them, Yuanlong Yatu in February 9 disclosed 2 divested related announcements, shareholders Yuanlong investment through the bulk of the transaction, the cumulative reduction of shares of about 4,419,600 shares, cash out over 78 million yuan;The company’s part of the director of high due to personal capital needs to reduce the total holdings of no more than 698,000 shares.Xinda Securities said in the research report that Yuanlong Yatu has risk factors including uncontrollable shareholder reduction, heat decline too fast, sales less than expected, epidemic affect sales and other risk factors.Editor: Yang Yucheng

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