Huize county 18th people’s government held the first executive meeting

On January 23, Yang Jun, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and head of the county, presided over the first executive meeting of the 18th People’s Government of Huize County (the second executive meeting in 2022).The meeting discussed the provisions of major administrative decision-making procedures in Huize County, implementation plan of Constructing Electronic information industry gathering place in Northeast Yunnan Province, implementation Plan of constructing emerging trade and logistics Base in Northeast Yunnan Province, and request for instruction of announcing the eighth batch of county-level cultural relics protection units by The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Huize County.The work of consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, environmental protection and work safety were studied.Yang jun asked to improve ideological understanding, go deep into the front line, do a good job in the prevention of poverty monitoring dynamic adjustment and help work, resolutely defend the bottom line of no large-scale poverty return;We need to focus on industrial development and infrastructure development, plan and package a number of projects, carry out ongoing projects in an orderly manner, and effectively link the progress made in consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation with rural revitalization.It is necessary to raise the political standing, fully understand the importance of the investigation of prominent ecological problems and risks and hidden dangers, ensure that the investigation is in place, know the bottom line, establish a good ledger, formulate rectification plans and industry guidance, and eliminate hidden problems in an all-round way.We should make good use of the investigation results and strive for a number of ecological environmental projects centering on sewage treatment and garbage disposal.To fully realize the seriousness of production safety, improve the political position, strengthen the implementation of responsibility, a comprehensive investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in key industries before the festival, strictly control the safety risks in key areas, strengthen emergency guard work, to ensure that the people of the county have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.Yang also made arrangements for the construction of discipline during the Spring Festival, regular epidemic prevention and control, people’s livelihood assurance, Spring Festival travel, comprehensive governance and stability maintenance, emergency guard and other key tasks.Niu Rui, Wang Zhiyan, Zhang Mingdong, Yang Wankun, Lu Bo, Zhu Peicheng, Zhu Yuhang, Ma Yanli, Sun Yu, Huang Jie, Zhang Hong, Wang Xing, etc.Reporter: Liu Jianxia powder e editor: Li Yongda

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