Carbon peak in 2012, carbon neutral by 2050, Yili released the industry’s first dual carbon roadmap

The dairy industry has a long industrial chain spanning primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Planting, logistics, consumption and other links all involve carbon emissions. It is the only way for China’s dairy industry to achieve high-quality development to comprehensively promote the green transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain and take effective actions to promote green, low-carbon and sustainable development.At present, enterprises in the industry have joined the ranks of low-carbon production to carry out green transformation.As a leading enterprise in the industry, Yili takes the lead in reaching the carbon peak and carbon neutrality in the industry, and actively explores and promotes whole-chain carbon reduction.On April 8, “Yili Group Zero Carbon Future Plan” and “Yili Group Zero Carbon Future Plan Roadmap” were officially released, and Yili became the first enterprise in China’s food industry to release dual carbon targets and roadmap.Pan Gang, chairman and president of Yili Group, said yili has reached carbon peak in 2012 and will achieve carbon neutrality in the whole industrial chain by 2050, and has formulated specific tasks for 2030, 2040 and 2050.On the same day, yili also meeting “cloud” hand in hand through the network 43 strategic partners around the world, start the “zero carbon alliance”, signed “let the world to share health – sustainable development initiative, yili group, awarded the tetra pak, Mr Shi LAN, Hansen, ROM cover special 7 suppliers” yili group global supply chain low-carbon pioneer “title,Join hands with partners of the whole industry chain to implement “Yili Group Zero Carbon Future Plan”.Yili group launched the “Zero Carbon Alliance” with global strategic partners. Yili awarded 7 suppliers the title of “Yili Group global Supply chain low-carbon pioneer” on December 28, 2021.Yili has obtained the carbon neutral Verification Statement (PAS 2060) issued by Bureau Veritas, the world’s leading international inspection and certification group, which is the first carbon neutral verification statement in China’s dairy industry. The statement shows that Yili has reached carbon peak in 2012.In the “Zero Carbon Future Plan Roadmap of Yili Group” released this time, Yili has defined the implementation roadmap of carbon neutral management throughout the whole life cycle, which will be implemented in three stages: by 2030, yili will initially form a green and low-carbon development business model, and greatly improve energy utilization efficiency;Before 2040, Yili will achieve remarkable results in the green transformation of the whole industrial chain, and the energy utilization efficiency of the organization will reach the international advanced level.By 2050, Yili will achieve green, low-carbon and circular development, operate a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system with high quality, and reach the international advanced level of energy utilization efficiency of the whole industry chain.Over the years, Yili group has always attached great importance to achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality, leading the carbon reduction work of the whole industry chain with practical actions.In the first Summer Davos forum in 2007, Pan Gang first proposed “green leadership”, which was further upgraded to yili’s “Green Industrial chain strategy” in 2009, advocating the development concept of “green production, green consumption and green development”.Since 2010, Yili has carried out comprehensive carbon inventory in the enterprise for 12 consecutive years, becoming the first enterprise in the industry to carry out carbon inventory.On October 24, 2020, Yili was the first company in the industry to respond to the national “3060” dual carbon target and take the lead in committing to achieve carbon neutrality.On December 31, 2021, Yili launched the construction of China’s first zero-carbon five-star demonstration zone — “Hohhot · Yili Modern Wisdom and Health Valley Zero-carbon Five-star Demonstration Project”.This year, Yili has established the first “zero-carbon factory” in China’s food industry, the first “zero-carbon milk” in China, and the first two “zero-carbon factories” in China’s milk powder industry.Chang Qide, UN Coordinator in China, Ren Hongbin, Deputy Director of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and Director of UN Global Compact released the Carbon Neutral Path Map of Enterprises. Yili’s full-chain carbon reduction action was highly recognized by the United Nations.On July 27, 2021, Yili, as the only representative enterprise in the world’s agri-food industry, was selected into the United Nations Global Compact “Enterprise Carbon Neutral Path Map”.On December 24th, as the only dairy enterprise in China, Yili case was selected into the “Sustainable Development Action for Zero-Carbon Enterprises in China” issued by the United Nations Development Program.Han Bin, secretary-general of the UN Global Compact China Network, expressed his hope that Yili could actively share its own experience, work together to promote whole-chain carbon reduction, and make its own contribution to the national and global carbon neutrality process.China’s dairy industry is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, and also shoulder the responsibility and mission of promoting “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”.The release of “Zero Carbon Future Plan of Yili Group” is not only a road map for Yili to achieve green and sustainable development, but also provides a reference and replicable sample for China’s dairy industry to promote carbon peak and carbon neutrality.Yili is taking practical actions to drive the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality. While developing high-quality enterprises, yili is promoting the win-win situation of the industrial chain and leading the Chinese dairy industry to a zero-carbon future.

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