Easy chip jointly launched public welfare activities to pass the care to autistic children

Easy chip is an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility and a heart of love. While doing business, we always adhere to our original aspiration and give back to the society.In order to help more autistic children, Easy Raise recently launched the “Wrong Socks Day Special Children Care Project” in collaboration with Shanghai Art Foundation (WABC), calling on people to wear the wrong socks to show their support for autistic children, cerebral palsy and other special people.It is reported that Easy Chip always puts social responsibility at the top of the company, to create love, pass on love, through personal actions, to convey this love to every group in need.At the same time, easy Chip also invited the popular anchor Xiao Crazy to join hands in opening the public welfare live broadcast room, will be a charity sock sale live activities, charity sale funds will be used for the public welfare help of special children.Appeal to more people to pay attention to this kind of special children, for their childhood to give more love and understanding.According to the report on the Development of Autism Education and Rehabilitation industry in China, the number of autism patients in China may exceed 10 million, and the number of those aged 0-14 May exceed 2 million, with an annual growth rate of nearly 200,000.According to the statistics of the national census of the disabled, children with autism has taken the first place in China’s mental disability.This group of long not big “children”, they are not good at communication, always murmuring;I often forget things and sometimes wear two different socks when I leave the house.In life, some people choose to tolerate them, while others are alienated or even discriminated against them.But in fact, everyone will “wear the wrong socks”, everyone is different from the majority of people at times, we should not look at them differently, we should not be held hostage by prejudice, more understanding, respect and tolerance.In order to increase social tolerance and arouse public empathy, the Shanghai Art Foundation (WABC) launched the “Wear two Different Socks” campaign in 2016, and designated December 23 as “Wrong Socks Day” every year.Now, the “wrong socks Day” has welcomed its sixth anniversary. On December 23 this year, Easy Funding and Shanghai Art Foundation (WABC) will once again focus on a group of children from the stars in the world.According to incomplete statistics, since the launch of wrong Socks Day, volunteers from more than 10 countries have jointly supported the wrong Socks public welfare action. The wrong socks related topics have received nearly 200 million views online, more than 60,000 interactions, and the influence of the wrong socks concept can reach tens of millions of people.There is no small matter in public welfare. Over the years, Easy Chip has always adhered to the influence and cohesion of its own brand, joined hands with major foundations and public welfare organizations, gathered little love, and continuously carried out public welfare activities for a healthy China, giving more people and families the courage and strength to face the disease.This time, together with Shanghai Art Foundation (WABC), we are looking forward to working with more and more people to create a more accepting and inclusive world.Good beginner’s mind, easily group do not like as innovator and leader of the social commonweal philanthropy, relaxed group has always been to “let every family has to deal with disease of courage and strength” as its mission, focus on the national health care field, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, strive to become the explorers of the health care industry technology application and practitioners.In fact, the group has never stopped caring for special people. One month ago, the Group, together with China SOS Children’s Village Association, invited seven active and sunny children from The Times Group to be the “International SOS Children’s Village #NO”
U.s ambassador for the Chinese love and “launched” accompany you grew up in an orphan guardian public welfare plan “, by inviting friends of versatile stars together, use the stars light and protect orphans, passing up for good positive energy, love activities aimed to advocate the social power, more attention to orphans together, take care of orphans, for SOS children orphaned trapped children bring infinite warmth.Throughout the 7-year development history of Easy Group, “good DNA” can be said to run through the whole development process of easy chip.Today, easy group will target the focus in the field of public health security, each function plate is closely related to people health, in order to let users really have to deal with disease of courage and strength, easy group continuously explore the border, integration of online resources, build “+ d + + check medicine” big health ecological closed loop, to provide users with more intelligent, more high quality comprehensive health careService, improve the national health security pattern, enhance the national health awareness, deliver “public welfare love”, help achieve common prosperity.At the same time, in a relaxed, raise yan bao easily choose healthy, relaxed, easy cause big four business matrix under the synergy of relaxed group has always been adhering to the “beginner’s mind” the idea, calling for more people to pay attention to the special groups of physical and mental health, and always continue “star + public welfare” pattern, in order to have value, and interest of social activity, touch up to the public, create a caring health clubsWill atmosphere, help the motherland flowers healthy and happy growth.Autistic children, also known as “star children”, are as pure and beautiful as stars, but as cold and lonely as stars. They need more attention and care from the society.By launching this activity, we have guided the public to pay attention to autism with love and enthusiasm, and further played the role of a bridge and link for public welfare. Through various forms of public welfare measures, we have done more practical things for children, contributed our strength, and helped a dream.

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