Finally understand why the Heat sent the Nets to 11 straight losses, read the analysis, suddenly understand

Finally understand why the Heat sent the Nets to 11 straight losses, after reading the analysis, suddenly clear.Netizens hot discussion pointed out: the nets defense system is not very mature defense is not good, so the other team will play a little more comfortable, this may be why, often have players hit the nets on the reason for violence, although the firepower is strong, but the defense can not keep up with the useless.Before Mills from time to time also 20+30+, Ben Brijanabout also has a breakthrough, Adriano a variety of precision in the middle distance, a team united to a place to make the ability to play, the Nets currently leave a Irving can play well it is strange, he is not to lead the style of teammates, is the first Irving single, reserve Thomas single.Owen organization is not good, because he jacked the height and size are limited, the ball is very poor, as long as a pack of clip he is difficult to organize his teammates, harden is different, passer, Owen’s position is scorer, harden is a point guard, this is the player positioning, everyone is good at something, basic don’t harden outside the three-point line defense, Owen is unable, different concepts.Harden is the guarantee of the playoffs. Last year before Harden came, the Nets had Le, Allen, Jeff Green, Durant and Kyrie irving could all play, were they still sixth or seventh in the East?It’s not much different than it is now.When Simmons gets here, let him play something like Warriors Green, because Nash and Durant have worked together before and want to continue playing that way.Some Nets fans, who still don’t understand the nets’ real problems, are deluding themselves that Simmons brings talent and defense to the game.The big three Even if Harden is down this season, the Nets can still win, no matter how the role players change, and all three need to be on the same court to be competitive.Although now trade, but the Nets problem is not solved, if the new big three still play together low attendance, nothing.The end result is that whichever giant comes out, it has to be used, a vicious circle.It’s a pity that Nash is going to use Durant, because if he’s going to make the playoffs, it’s going to be at home, and Irving can’t play, that’s double durant. In the words of the fans, Seth Curry, Mills, Thomas, and Sid Simmons are enough, but can you count on those three?It’s almost the end of the season, pushing for playoff tickets, possibly the play-offs, the playoffs, and the elimination rounds.It was a big test of Adu’s physical fitness.It’s a no-brainer. Nash would definitely use Durant.Irving will be out for at least five games, including one against the Bucks and a possible 17th straight loss awaiting the Nets.Nash Silas was no good, but Nash had a thicker skin than Silas, and Silas was embarrassed during the rockets’ losing streak.If Harden were two years younger, I’m sure he wouldn’t be in such a hurry.This team is out of balance at all positions, especially defensively, with one or two spoons. last season the offense held everything up, and this season the offense has been compromised.Adu and Joe injuries, Owen only play half, attacking space is severely compressed, the coach has a few tactics.But the three brothers together in the sample is too small, with their three personal ability can give people infinite imagination, may be included in the future “if” series is often mentioned.The rookies still have some quality and can grow into a force, but Harden can’t wait any longer. With two trades in two years, he has clearly given up on the public opinion. Hope he gets what he wants in Philly.How good are the two rookies with Sharp and Harden not being used and sitting on the bench for one game and giving Vince a lot of opportunities, who can stand that?Basket net actually need not panic now, can not go up also can not come down, is the difference between the play-off round or two rounds.Adu came back, the new boys run well or have a chance, but Owen without the injection, want to win the title should be enough.Win or lose, the season without a championship is a lost season, so no matter how the current record, as long as the playoffs, the Nets will not have a team to face.Ideally, irving would play at home, Joha would be healthy, Simmons would be healthy, and this structure would theoretically be a championship contender, but I’m numb to how many losses there are.Simmons can take the Nets defense to the next level, and his offensive playmaking is magic’s.Simmons is good defensively and well organized, but as a solo player, he’s not tested yet. Kyrie is better off playing at home.The problem is that the Nets can’t do anything else. To be effective defensively, Mills curry can’t be on the floor at the same time. Simmons doesn’t have a basket.Many people are the nets most lack is the offense, but the reality is only five players on the court at the same time, the Nets can not put together a good offensive and defensive team of five.Thank you for your attention to me all the time. Thank you for your company on the way of creation. I will continue to come on!

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