Guiyang Bank warm heart service workers return to their posts

Employment is fundamental to people’s wellbeing and the foundation for every family to live a happy life.In the season of long grass and warbler flying, the staff of Guiyang Bank go to the bus station of each county (district) in southeast Guizhou province to send warmth and blessings to the migrant workers.On February 8, staff of Sansui Branch of Guiyang Bank waited at a bus station in the county and handed out “travel gift packages” such as instant noodles, mineral water and medical masks to migrant workers, urging them to pay attention to safety and epidemic prevention and control on their way back to their posts.Danzhai Branch of Guiyang Bank helps migrant workers return to their posts.February 17, Guiyang Bank Danzhai sub-branch staff with deep care and greetings, to the county bus station to carry out out the employment of the people send condolance activities, for danzhai County to Guangdong migrant workers to send 70 “love gift package”.On the same day, the Huangping branch of Guiyang Bank sent out thermos cups, soap, washing powder, detergent, nail clippers and other daily necessities for migrant workers.On March 1, Cengong sub-branch of Guiyang Bank and Bus station of Cengong County sent “small travel gift packages” to 74 migrant workers from Cengong County who returned to work in Fujian and Guangdong provinces.On March 7th, The Zhenyuan Sub-branch of Guiyang Bank sent warm materials to the bus station of Zhenyuan County for migrant workers and carried out financial knowledge popularization…True service in other places also feel at ease in Huangping County, Guiyang bank for migrant workers to deal with the fannong card, so that a better life in the hands of migrant workers.In jian river county, guiyang bank in the jian river sunshine plaza, tent, put chairs and tables, set up a financial service station “migrant worker”, the interpretation of financial knowledge, detailed introduction of guiyang APP online bank transfer, query, loans, and other functions, especially introduced the province guiyang f agricultural bank card withdrawals, ATM withdrawals from the function of the handling fee,So that migrant workers can also enjoy the convenient financial services in their hometown.Visit migrant workers in Huangping Branch of Guiyang Bank.In Guanling County, Guiyang Bank has carried out the activity of “Gold-peasant Cooperation · Warm Mountain Village”, patiently and carefully preaching financial knowledge to the masses and providing financial services.At the event site, a villager from Muchang Village, Dingyun Street, Guanling Autonomous County, said, “We young people often work outside and it is not convenient to save money. Guiyang Bank has come to conduct this activity and provides door-to-door service. It is very convenient to save money.In addition, Mayjiang Branch of Guiyang Bank also handles RMB coin exchange for migrant workers.After learning that Ms. Wen’s coins had been stored for a long time, most of them were rusted, deformed and perforated, the branch opened a “green channel” for them, counted the damaged coins worth 1,100 yuan and exchanged them, thus solving Ms. Wen’s urgent need.In view of the phenomenon that migrant workers’ education level is generally not high, Guiyang Bank actively popularizes the knowledge of preventing telecom fraud and illegal fund-raising for migrant workers, so that they can go out and go home safely.In Leishan County, Guiyang Bank patiently explained the financial knowledge of deposit insurance, telecom fraud prevention, illegal bank card trading, anti-counterfeit money to leishan villagers, and issued 120 financial knowledge publicity leaflets.In Danzhai County, Guiyang Bank around the prevention of telecom fraud, prevention of illegal fund-raising, deposit insurance and other financial knowledge to promote, the site issued 76 propaganda folding.In Jinping County, Guiyang Bank launched a “return to post to send warmth” campaign, and actively explained to returning workers how to prevent telecom fraud.In Zhenning County, Guiyang Bank, together with the county Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, held a meeting on “Returning Migrant workers to start their own businesses”, introducing products such as “Shuangnong Sincerity Loan” and “Shuangnong Order Loan” to encourage migrant workers to start their own businesses.Guiyang Bank’s considerate service makes the journey back to work more leisurely and comfortable.Although in a hurry, but can be unimpeded;The mood is anxious, also can be relaxed.(Photo/Wen Li Xue)

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