Police alert!Two people clashed during nucleic acid tests in Shanghai, one fell to the ground and died

Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Jing ‘an Branch announced on the evening of 6th: At 12:54 on April 4th, Jing ‘an public Security Bureau received an alarm that two people had a physical conflict in a residential area of Yangqu Road.Police on the scene for the first time, and arrested the suspect Xue Mou Wei (male, 23 years old).According to preliminary investigation, when the nucleic acid test was nearing the end of the day, Xie Mou Rong (male, 65 years old) found xue Mou Wei, the son of his niece, was late and littering in the process of maintaining the nucleic acid test order in the community, so he criticized him as an elder, and the two sides had a physical conflict.Two people were advised by the surrounding people, the solution of a rong suddenly fell to the ground, after the hospital after the rescue ineffective death.At present, the suspect Xue Mou Wei has been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law, the case is being further investigated.Source: @Police through train – Jing ‘an, Jimu News Editor: Shi Hongyan

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