Provincial spiritual civilization office, civil Affairs department issued the Tomb-sweeping Day civilized worship proposal

2022 tomb-sweeping day is coming, in this time of ShenZhongZhuiYuan, remember ancestors, to show their grief, the province and the fight against the key stage of COVID – 19 outbreak, for the implementation of the liaoning provincial party committee and provincial government on epidemic prevention and control work deployment requirements, protect people’s life safety and body health, promote transforming social traditions, enlarging the fresh air of the age, on March 28,The provincial spiritual civilization office, the civil Affairs department issued an initiative to the province’s urban and rural residents, advocating safe and civilized worship.We encourage people to refrain from carrying out funeral rites, wakes and on-site funeral rites to prevent cluster infections.Advocating the worship of the deceased through surrogate services.Advocate consciously maintain public safety, do not throw paper money, burn dead objects and set off firecrackers on urban and rural roads, square communities, woodland lawns and cemeteries, and do not carry inflammable objects into forest areas for sacrifice.Promote civilized worship advocating family memorial, online memorial, flowers, tree planting, writing messages, telling stories of ancestors and other ways to remember the deceased, recall virtues.Tree burial, lawn burial, dignity burial and sea burial are advocated to save land resources and promote ecological civilization.Carry forward the traditional virtues and advocate the inheritance of filial piety, the good family tradition of raising and burying the elderly. When the elderly are alive, they should be provided for and enjoy themselves.After the death of the old people, do simple funeral, civilized funeral, pass on family affection, inherit family tradition, let the dead rest in peace, let the living have no regrets.Party members and cadres take the lead in advocating the reform of funeral and burial services, taking the lead in practicing safe and civilized funeral and burial services, taking the lead in inheriting traditional virtues, promoting new funeral and burial practices, influencing and driving people around with practical actions, and consciously acting as propagandists, practitioners and models of funeral and burial services to change customs.(Ma Jing, 2nd Sanli Editor)

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