What does magic coach Shui Qingxia tell us about professional women’s football coach

Last night, the Chinese women’s football girls, with a fully and delightfully epic level of classic battle, ignited the entire network!There is no doubt that this is a great victory that will go down in the history of Chinese football and even Asian football.I believe that from now on, will often be repeated by people to remember, take out to review the aftertaste, sonorous rose glory and spirit, will be inherited forever, thanks to the Girls of Chinese women’s football team!Going back to yesterday’s match, it is not difficult to find from the match itself that the key to changing the image of China women’s football team in the world in just a few months lies in one person, the current head coach of China Women’s football Team, Shui Qingxia.Shui qingha is responsible for the success of the Women’s soccer team in the Asian Cup in 16 years.The basic goal set before the tournament was to qualify for the 2023 World Cup, which is not too ambitious. It also reflects the low expectations for the women’s soccer team as a whole.China was ranked fifth in Asia at the time, with a North Korean withdrawal in front of them, so it was a matter of course that they got a berth on their own strength.However, director Shui Qingxia had said before the war, our goal is definitely to go to the end.Water guidance of this sentence, at that time and not too many people pay attention to attention, but in the heart of shui Qingxia guidance, this is a firm target.In the Asian Cup, in the three matches after the group, we all came back from behind and then came back. Each match was more classic than the last. We thought it was a miracle to come back from behind twice and win on penalties in the semifinals.But we did not expect that the final was the real miracle, two goals down, at the end of the game, from the 66th minute, to the 93rd minute, in less than 30 minutes, three goals, an amazing comeback.From the point of view of the match, Shui Qingxia is the director of the miracle.In the early stages of the game, China was the dominant team, but never posed much of an attacking threat, while South Korea’s defense was indeed excellent, and they relied on their stubborn defense to put Australia to death.In the 27th and 45th minutes, Korea counterattack and penalty kicks left China unexpectedly 2-0 down at half-time. In fact, Korea had a header from a free kick, which was denied by a world-class goalkeeper.And we almost not organize any effective attack in the first half, the king of cream as a striker was top in front, don’t feel a bit lonely wood, itself the characteristics of frost king nor center type, she doesn’t have good speed and explosive force, the biggest threat to her is her ball, ball or personal breakthroughs, or organization, or the ball shot,However, due to the strict focus of the Korean team, wang shuang had few chances to get the ball in the first half.With a 0:2 score into the second half, Shui Qingxia guided the field command art again.First one in the second half, Richard c.haskelli and change into midfield veteran 10 XiaoYuYi, strengthen the organization and wide midfield assault, the substitution received certain effect, but the effect is not obvious, midfielder began to control the ball in the first half, compared to attack comb also clear some, also can open on the sides, but at that time still no real threat ball formation,I personally feel that there is still a lack of a center can stand, Wang Shuang is not this type, in this position can not play this role, and she is playing closed with injury, is really affected her play.Don’t keep it doesn’t matter, Shuiqingxia has the second plan to keep up with, the 60th minute, with no. 19 zhang Linyan replaced no. 7 Wang Shuang, this replacement absolutely reflects the shuiqingxia guidance of business ability, the courage and she dare to bear the spirit.She even reuse the core star but not superstitious star, at the critical moment to assess the situation, at the appropriate time, dare to win the trump card in the team, but also make the trump card to accept calmly, and on the court, down a star, several stars stand out.This substitution can be compared to the 1994 World Cup, Italy coach Saas in the group qualifying key game, suffered a red card goalkeeper in the end of the desperate, directly replaced the core of the field Baggio, changed the three forces eventually won the game 1-0 classic case.Bardot has talked about this case many times before. If you are interested, you can listen to the episode about the 1994 World Cup, which reminisces about the World Cup.This substitution can be said to quickly strengthen our adjustment effect, after Zhang Linyan came on the field, for a time stir the South Korean team defense in chaos, including the frequent creation of free kicks and other opportunities.In the sixth minute, she dribbled the ball past a defender on the left and fired a shot that hit the arm of No. 17 Lee Young-joo in the penalty area. The referee awarded a penalty kick.No. 18 Tang Jiali kicks the left side of the goal, China pulls back a goal.Can say king frost, Zhang Linyan, upset South Korea’s defense deployment, maybe they has been heavily fortified king before frost, and the effect is very good, when king frost suddenly, after being sent off in the face of the Chinese team to redeploy attack, they are not ready to adjust, also not clear who is the main focal point, the original focus on frost king, who now go on?Change to zone defense?How to position?Haven’t dealt with understand it, has let Zhang Linyan to stir a horse step lianying, so a vacancy, 6 minutes of time on the ball!After the goal, The South Korean team was obviously affected by the psychological, and the score was reduced to one point, so that the Chinese team morale greatly boosted!Keep hitting.ShuiQingXia guidance released again at this moment, the third project, is also a team to recruit the vian on strike, vian directly in the center, Zhang Linyan, Tang Jiali, XiaoYuYi, around the vian’s attack group formed the Chinese women’s football, when south Korean women’s football is basically in the force of the work only parry don’t strike back position.From the first goal, not out of 5 minutes, the 72nd minute of the game, The Chinese team in front of the middle of the slanted to the right to Tang Jiali, the latter person ball points under the bottom of the cross, no. 19 Zhang Linyan high header, the ball heavy hole through the gate guarded by The Zhengmei, The Chinese team will be stubborn to tie the score 2-2.The two teams came to the same starting line, the Chinese women’s soccer team more and more brave, but the South Korean team looked timid.At this time, I was watching the football while watching the live broadcast, and kept reading to see if there was a chance to score another goal and end the battle in 90 minutes.I kept saying it until stoppage time, but to be honest, I thought it was wishful thinking and the game was going to go into extra time.However, Shuiqingxia guidance is not so think, she has been greeting the players on the sidelines of the pressure.The game came to stoppage time, and in the 91st minute, South Korea, which had been suppressed for the entire second half, finally managed to organize an attack and set up a free kick.Yao Wei, no. 8, kicks the ball to his own body and bounches it to Sun Huajuan, No. 23, who volleys it. It is a close goal, but!The ball was blocked by goalkeeper Zhu Yu-shin-yong, and then No. 13 Lee Jin-min followed with a shot that was blocked by No. 3 Wang Xiao-seok.In the first minute of stoppage time, we almost had a winner!But the field of Shuiqingxia guidance is still firmly set their beliefs, bright eyes jilted to the field, it seems to tell the Koreans: small son, also want to kill us, or I will teach you, what is absolutely killed!In the 93rd minute, The Chinese team organized the attack, tang Jiali on the 18th should be handed to wang Shanshan in the middle of the road, the latter turned to plug behind, the right to follow the 20th Xiao Yuyi inserted into the penalty area hard shot into the far corner of the net, China 3-2 reverse South Korea.After the race I joked that this is the arrangement, everything is guided by the water!Although it was a joke, the on-site command in these two consecutive games really reflected the excellent reading and on-the-spot command ability of the water coach, which is really a rare master among domestic coaches.We would like to briefly introduce the resume of Shui Qingxia before her coaching. During her playing days, She was the first generation of women’s football players to become famous around the world. She was selected to the Chinese Women’s football Team in 1986 and was the main player of the National women’s football team before 1995, and then she has been an important member of the national team.She was selected to the national team at the age of 35 as late as 2001.In China, she has always been the flagship of Shanghai Women’s football team. As a player and coach, she has led Shanghai women’s football team to win domestic top competitions for many times. After retirement, she has been working in the first-line women’s football coach position.In 2021, after the Chinese women’s football team failed in the Tokyo Olympics, Shui Qingxia was appointed as the interim coach and led the team to participate in the National Games and won the gold medal.And in the women’s national team selected marshal of some association organization subsequently, Shui Qingxia chose to give up, the reason inside is puzzling.And that election handsome also becomes a farce, some association internal opinion is serious disagreement, some association intends to let Zhao Junzhe take up the post, and someone supports another candidate Chen Wanting, it is said that there is still a part of the power to insist on choosing Shuiqingxia.Finally, under the intervention of relevant departments, the women’s football team chose the head coach and retained the baby, and directly appointed Shui Qingxia as the head coach of the Chinese women’s football Team.Coaching reviews since Ma Yuanan departure, in addition to the Chinese women’s football used ingham and two foreign coach, basically not used real women’s football coach, but has been keen to use recently retired little coaching experience soccer players to take, such as howell, li jingyu, Li Xiaopeng when just retired as a women’s national team coach,This time, it is hard to understand why zhao Junzhe, a coach with less experience and more administrative experience, was chosen.The return to the top of Asia after 16 years is definitely a tribute to professional ability. Women’s football has the characteristics of women’s football and is different from men’s football in management and training. It is still necessary to use professionals to do professional things.Next year we will usher in the Women’s Football World Cup, objectively speaking, in the World Cup, we may only be a mid-level team, some association and some bureau do not toss about, let Shui Qingxia guide the national team for a few years.Finally, I would like to say that the girls of the women’s football team are going back to China. Can we pack them back to the plane?

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